20 Top Starfield Mods Worth Adding To Your Game

Top Starfield Mods

Published on September 15th, 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of Starfield modding! Bethesda games have always been a haven for modders, and Starfield is no exception.

With the developers officially supporting modding for the game, the modding community has eagerly jumped on board, crafting an array of incredible enhancements.

From simple FOV adjustments to stunning ReShader presets and the highly anticipated DLSS mod, the modding scene is blossoming.

In this article, we’re here to guide you through the current selection of mods and highlight the absolute best ones you should consider installing immediately.

These mods not only address important in-game quirks but also elevate the overall Starfield experience to new heights.

So, let’s dive into the world of Starfield modding and discover how these creations can transform your galactic adventure!

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1. Starfield Upscaler

Bethesda’s partnership with AMD for Starfield’s PC release initially raised concerns among users regarding the absence of support for Nvidia’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS technologies.

These concerns were confirmed during the early-access launch when both features were missing. However, a modder named PureDark stepped in and filled the void by introducing the Starfield Upscaler mod on Day 1.

The Starfield Upscaler mod integrates Nvidia’s DLSS and Intel’s XeSS upscaling technologies into the game.

To enable this, users can follow the instructions provided on the official Nexus project page and replace FSR 2.

This mod allows players to utilize the respective hardware from Nvidia and Intel to render the game at 4K resolutions while maintaining excellent visual quality and performance.

2. Achievement Enabler

In Starfield, like in many Bethesda games, players can access a set of console commands by pressing the tilde key (~) on their keyboard.

These console commands allow players to manipulate various aspects of the game, granting them advantages such as extra skill points and money.

This is a common practice among gamers who want to customize their gameplay experience, and it’s generally harmless since it only affects their personal enjoyment of the game.

However, Bethesda has implemented a system where using console commands or mods can disable the ability to unlock in-game achievements.

This is done to maintain the integrity of achievements, ensuring that players earn them through legitimate gameplay rather than by altering the game’s mechanics.

To address this restriction, modder Priqrade created the “Achievement Enabler” mod for Starfield. As the name suggests, this mod allows players to regain the ability to earn achievements even if they’ve used console commands or installed other mods.

Essentially, it removes the achievement lock that Bethesda had imposed, giving players the freedom to enjoy both modding and earning achievements in their Starfield playthroughs.

This way, players can fully customize their gaming experience without sacrificing their progress towards in-game accomplishments.

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3. Enhanced Player Health Bar

Do you find the simple white health bar in Starfield lacking in visual clarity? If so, you’re not alone.

Many players have expressed a desire for more intuitive visual cues. Recognizing this need, modder SilverEzredes has come to the rescue with the “Enhanced Player Health Bar” mod for Starfield.

This mod goes beyond the basic white health bar found in the game. It introduces a dynamic health bar that changes colors to provide better feedback on your character’s well-being.

When your health is above 75%, it remains white. However, as it decreases below 75% but stays above 50%, it transitions to a lighter shade of brown, resembling mustard.

When your health falls between 25% and 50%, the bar turns orange, and it becomes red when your health drops below 25%.

These color shifts serve as valuable visual prompts, making it easier for you to monitor your character’s health, even in your peripheral vision.

4. StarUI

While Starfield’s inventory UI is appreciated for its clean and consistent design, some players have reservations about its large size.

They believe that a more compact layout could have been beneficial. Fortunately, modder m9r98a4f2 has drawn inspiration from Skyrim’s SkyUI mod to create a solution for Starfield.

The StarUI mod addresses this concern by reducing the overall size of the inventory UI on PC. It streamlines the interface, presenting more items in sortable columns.

Additionally, this mod introduces category icons for items, eliminating the need to scroll through categories.

Instead, it condenses everything onto a single page, including the inventory item list. This enhancement ensures a more efficient and user-friendly inventory management experience in Starfield.

5. Cleanfield

If you desire a pristine user interface in Starfield without any distracting logos, branding, or the “Message of the Day” cluttering up your main menu, then the “Cleanfield” mod by Gametism is here to cater to your needs.

This mod offers a minimalist and uncluttered main menu experience by making significant alterations.

Clearfield works its magic by modifying and eliminating any reference to the game itself, the game studio (Bethesda), and even the prominent “Message of the Day” window that usually occupies space on the main menu.

What you’re left with is a refreshingly clean and distraction-free main menu when you start up Starfield.

This mod allows you to immerse yourself in the game without any unnecessary visual distractions or branding elements, providing a more streamlined and focused gaming experience.

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6. Neutral LUTs

A distinctive green-hue filter is applied to the visuals, giving the game a unique aesthetic. While not unattractive, some players find it challenging to view certain elements with this filter in place.

Unfortunately, the game lacks an option to disable this filter for those who prefer a different visual experience.

Enter modder fadingsignal, who has provided a solution with the “Neutral LUTs” mod.

This mod serves a straightforward purpose – it eliminates the greenish filter from the game, resulting in improved lighting and blacks, particularly enhancing the visuals on OLED displays.

In essence, it allows players to enjoy Starfield with a more natural and unfiltered visual presentation, catering to a broader range of visual preferences.

7. Starfield Performance Optimizations

Starfield, even by Bethesda’s usual standards, is a demanding game in terms of performance. This means that even if you have a high-end PC, you may experience occasional drops in frame rates.

For instance, when exploring major planets like New Atlantis, you might notice your frame rate dipping as low as 50 FPS, even on a robust system equipped with a 4070 Ti and Ryzen 5600.

To address these performance issues, modder E3roKK has created the “Starfield Performance Optimizations” mod.

This mod is designed to fix and optimize the game, ensuring that players can enjoy smoother performance without compromising visual quality.

What’s even more promising is that the mod is actively being developed, indicating ongoing improvements to enhance the game’s performance further.

If you find yourself struggling to run Starfield smoothly on your PC, this mod could be an essential addition to your game, helping you achieve a more enjoyable and responsive gaming experience.

8. BetterHUD

Tired of your gaming experience being disrupted by intrusive XP gain notifications and location name pop-ups in the middle of your screen? Look no further than the “BetterHUD Mod” by KhaoMaat, a solution to these minor UI issues in Starfield.

This mod addresses the problem by repositioning your XP and new location notifications to more convenient locations within the game, ensuring they are less obtrusive.

Additionally, BetterHUD eliminates enemy hit markers entirely, a feature that many players appreciate for a cleaner and less cluttered UI in Starfield.

If you’re seeking a more streamlined and immersive UI experience in Starfield, BetterHUD stands out as the top mod to enhance your gameplay by resolving these pesky UI distractions.

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9. IconSortingTags

Players often face the challenge of discerning the quality and nature of items before picking them up, whether it’s weapons or random items.

The game lacks proper classification tags in its inventory system, making it difficult to make informed decisions about what to collect.

Fortunately, modder mcguffin has come to the rescue with the “IconSortingTags” mod, which draws inspiration from his popular Fallout 76 mod.

IconSortingTags introduces a solution by adding new informative glyphs to the game. These glyphs serve as visual indicators, helping players quickly identify the type and quality of items they encounter.

This feature simplifies the looting process and allows players to focus on collecting only the essential items they need for their journey in the Starfield universe.

With this mod in place, players can make more informed choices about their inventory management, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

Bethesda Game Studios Starfield

10. Tactical Crosshair

Starfield presents an unusual feature where the crosshair remains constantly visible on your screen, even when you’re not in combat situations.

This persistent presence can be distracting and disrupt the immersion in the game. However, a solution comes in the form of the “Tactical Crosshair” mod, created by user choppa0.

The Tactical Crosshair mod effectively addresses this issue by altering when and how the crosshair is displayed. With this mod, the crosshair will only appear on your screen under specific circumstances.

It becomes visible when you aim down sights (ADS) in both first-person and third-person views, as well as during combat encounters.

Crucially, it completely removes the hip-fire crosshair, contributing to a more immersive and distraction-free gaming experience.

This modification allows players to enjoy Starfield without the constant presence of the crosshair when it’s not necessary, enhancing their overall gameplay and immersion.


Starfield’s exclusivity to Windows PC and Xbox means that it won’t be available on PS4 and PS5.

For players who opt to use a PlayStation controller on their PC, there’s a unique challenge: when they connect a PS controller, the game displays Xbox button prompts, which can lead to confusion during gameplay.

Acknowledging this concern, modder EASKATER has introduced a straightforward solution in the form of a mod for Starfield.

This mod replaces the default Xbox button icons with PlayStation button icons, aligning the on-screen prompts with the controller being used.

If you prefer playing Starfield with a DualShock or DualSense controller on your PC, this mod is a must-have to ensure a more seamless and intuitive gaming experience.

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12. In-Game FOV Changer

Starfield lacks an in-game FOV slider and arrives with default FOV settings for both first- and third-person modes.

While there are workarounds to adjust FOV, they typically involve leaving and re-entering the game multiple times to find the ideal setting. However, the “In-game FOV Changer” mod by NexusGuy999 offers a convenient solution.

This mod enables players to modify the game’s FOV directly through console commands within Starfield, eliminating the need to exit the game repeatedly.

With the In-game FOV Changer mod, you can experiment and fine-tune your desired FOV settings in real-time while playing, ensuring a more customized and comfortable gaming experience.

13. Easy Digipicker

Tired of the lockpicking mini-game in Starfield? If you find it challenging and want to breeze through it more swiftly, the “Easy Digipicker” mod offers a handy solution.

This mod simplifies the lockpicking mini-game, making it less complex and easier to unlock locks. However, it’s important to note that you still need the required perks in the game to engage in lockpicking.

In essence, the Easy Digipicker mod streamlines the lockpicking process, reducing the level of difficulty associated with it.

This way, players can focus less on mastering the mini-game and more on enjoying other aspects of their Starfield adventure.

It’s a valuable addition for those who may find the standard lockpicking mechanics too challenging or time-consuming and just want to progress through the game with ease.

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14. Responsive Grabbing & Undelayed Menus

Two mods have been developed to enhance the responsiveness of in-game menus and looting mechanics in Starfield.

These mods effectively reduce the frustrating one-second delay when picking up objects, trimming it down to a swift 300 milliseconds. This adjustment creates a more responsive and enjoyable gaming experience.

One of these mods, “Undelayed Menus,” significantly improves the responsiveness of in-game menus.

It elevates menu navigation to a smooth 60 frames per second (FPS) from the standard 30FPS, ensuring that players can navigate menus seamlessly and with increased speed.

These mods collectively contribute to a more fluid and user-friendly interaction with the game’s menus and looting mechanics, enhancing the overall gameplay experience in Starfield.

15. Steam Deck FPS And QOL

Following a recent update, Starfield has become compatible with handheld PCs, but it typically runs on lower settings with FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

Players on handheld devices might encounter performance fluctuations, often delivering frame rates between 23 to 29 frames per second.

In response to this, the “Steam Deck FPS and QOL” mod for Starfield has emerged to address these performance concerns and enhance the handheld gaming experience.

This mod goes above and beyond, providing an impressive performance boost of up to 38%.

It optimizes the game’s settings and tweaks various aspects to deliver smoother and more stable gameplay on handheld PCs like the Steam Deck.

With the “Steam Deck FPS and QOL” mod, players can enjoy a significantly improved gaming experience, making it a must-have for those looking to maximize Starfield’s performance on their portable devices.

16. Unlimited Sprint

The act of sprinting consumes oxygen, and running for extended periods with increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) can negatively impact your character’s health.

This unique mechanic, combined with the absence of ground vehicles for exploration, can make running long distances in the game somewhat cumbersome. However, there’s a solution in the form of the “Unlimited Sprint” mod.

The “Unlimited Sprint” mod is designed to alleviate this issue by allowing you to sprint without depleting your oxygen reserves.

This means you can run for extended durations without the worry of oxygen depletion or its health consequences.

It provides a more convenient and enjoyable way to traverse the game world, especially for players who prefer not to be hindered by oxygen constraints during their explorations.

It’s worth noting that the mod author recommends creating a rollback savefile before using this mod.

This precaution ensures that players can revert to their original game state if they wish to disable the mod or if any unexpected issues arise during gameplay.

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17. Vanilla Flashlight Improved

Having a reliable flashlight is crucial for navigating dimly lit environments. While the standard flashlight serves its purpose adequately, some players prefer a brighter and more intense illumination.

This is where the “Vanilla Flashlight Improved” mod by Iitbeep comes into play.

This mod offers a straightforward enhancement by increasing the brightness of the vanilla flashlight. It retains the core functionality of the original flashlight but significantly improves its intensity.

This upgrade ensures that players have a more powerful and effective tool for exploring dark and challenging environments within the game.

Whether you’re delving into mysterious caves, exploring derelict spacecraft, or simply need a better light source in the depths of space, the “Vanilla Flashlight Improved” mod enhances your gaming experience by shedding more light on your path.

18. Value To Weight Ratio Sort Option

Inventory management can become a complex task due to the sheer volume of items you’ll collect.

However, the game lacks a built-in feature to view the weight of each item in your inventory or to sort items based on their weight. To address this limitation, modder tomlikesguitar has introduced a practical solution.

Tomlikesguitar’s mod adds a sorting option to the game based on the value-to-weight ratio of items.

This new feature allows players to efficiently rearrange their inventory by item weight, making it easier to identify and manage heavier items.

With this mod in place, players can maintain better control over their inventory and ensure they’re not encumbered by carrying too much weight during their adventures in Starfield.

19. Eyes Of Beauty

While character models have seen some improvement compared to previous games developed on the Creation Engine, one aspect that has remained consistent and sometimes lacking is the appearance of the eyes.

While they may look aesthetically pleasing, they can sometimes come across as lifeless and unnatural.

To address this concern, modder LogRaam has introduced the “Eyes of Beauty” mod for Starfield.

This well-known mod enhances the visual quality of your character’s eyes by replacing the existing textures with newer, more natural ones.

If you’ve ever desired more captivating and expressive eyes for your character, the “Eyes of Beauty” mod is the perfect solution.

It not only improves the realism of character eyes but also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to your in-game persona, allowing you to fine-tune the appearance of your character in Starfield.

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20. Starfield Optimized Textures

Starfield’s PC optimization has faced some challenges, including issues like lag and stuttering. In response, various modders have been actively working on solutions to enhance the game’s performance.

While one mod introduced DLSS and XeSS support, another mod is dedicated to refining the in-game textures to address these optimization concerns.

The “Starfield Optimized Textures” mod does precisely as its name suggests—it optimizes the game’s textures.

This optimization process aims to reduce visual degradation while delivering a significant performance boost and minimizing stuttering issues.

For players encountering frustrating stutters and low FPS problems in Starfield, this mod offers a promising solution to improve the overall gaming experience by enhancing the game’s performance and fluidity.

In the vast universe of Starfield, modders have stepped up to enhance every aspect of the game, from visuals to gameplay mechanics and performance.

These top Starfield mods we’ve explored offer players a myriad of opportunities to tailor their gaming experience to their liking.

Whether you’re seeking improved graphics, optimized textures, streamlined UI, enhanced character models, or simply a smoother gaming experience, the modding community has you covered.

From practical quality-of-life improvements to immersive enhancements, these mods empower players to shape their Starfield adventure according to their preferences.

As Starfield continues to evolve and expand, the dedicated modding community will undoubtedly provide even more exciting and innovative ways to elevate your interstellar journey.

So, embark on your adventure among the stars and explore the galaxy with these fantastic Starfield mods by your side.

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