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15 Tourists Reveal The Hilarious Moments Their Trips Went Very Wrong

Tourists Reveal The Hilarious Moments Their Trips

Published on March 10th, 2017

Holidays are supposed to be enjoyable. So the last thing you’d want to be faced with, for example, is a visit from an enormous Australian spider in your room, or a South African elephant taking a pew on your car. As these photos illustrate, you’ve really only ever moments away from a potential nightmare no matter where in the world you are.

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Here, is a collection of dismal scenarios which will leave you feeling relieved to be safe at home.

1. Nail-biting: This truck suffered an extremely close call when it nearly ran off a very narrow Bolivian road in the pouring rain



2. It’s behind you! As this image goes to show, a wave may not be enough to ruin a holiday, but it can certainly ruin a family photo


3. Oops: A cautionary tale against eating a bowl of cereal in the sun without slapping on some sunscreen, resulting here in a painful burn



4. According to the submitter of this image, the bound and gagged passenger pictured ‘drank an entire bottle of some duty-free alcohol’ then started ‘screaming that we’re going to crash’


5. Well hello there: After a bit too much revelry, one man claims he woke up on the street to be greeted by this fox tugging on his trousers

Hilarious Moments


6. Perched: According to the uploader, this was the result of some Canadian tourists forgetting to use their handbrake in Turkey.


7. Not ideal: This somewhat alarming photo was apparently taken after a flood, which resulted in a loo basin full of frogs



8. Rain, rain, go away: Enough dismal weather can ruin pretty much any camping trip, as seems to be the case with this group


9. This skier was robbed of his trousers after taking a tumble from a chairlift in Vail, Colorado and was left dangling for ten minutes before being rescued

Hilarious Moments


10. Snatched: If close encounters with beady-eyed birds is enough to have you in a flap, be careful with your snacks around seagulls


11. Bathroom break: This tourist may not know it yet, but the lemur on his back is unceremoniously using his Batman hat as a urinal.



12. Look where you’re driving! A toppled vehicle on Fraser Island, Australia, sinks into a sandbank filled with flowing water.


13. Hitching a ride: No-one wants to emerge from the ocean after a nice swim with a slithery octopus on their back



14. Crushing defeat: Taken in South Africa’s Pilanesburg National Park, this is the moment an elephant used a car to scratch an itch


15. No thanks: This horrifically huge spider was apparently captured in Australia, home to some of the most fear-inducing creatures on earth



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