6 Amazing Hikes In HongKong You Will Regret Not Trying

As known by all, Hongkong is always blazing loud! There are people everywhere, busy bees, tourists, shoppers and a lot many other people who have to get their business online!

Amidst all this craziness and buzz, it is unimaginable to find a place which is sound free and close to nature. But there are a few places in HongKong which you cannot afford to miss.

All you need to do is find your way to the beautiful Hongkong hills. You need to make at least one hike in order to truly discover HongKong.

Hiking in HongKong is not always about the sweating, pain and walking. It’s about the tiny villages you will see on the way, the snake catchers and the HK legends. Following an amazing hike, there is always chilled beer by the beach!

Now that you are all pumped up, here are 6 hikes you must try in HongKong:

1. The Twin Peak

twin peak hong kong

This place is yours to visit if you are looking for a great workout and want to catch a breathtaking view of the HK island’s southern side. It’s ideal to start from Parkview which can be reached easily on a cab from Happy Valley and of course hike Wilson Trail Section 1.

After you reach Parkview from Wong Nai Chung Gap, move towards the right-hand side. Ascending the twins is a bit audacious as they have more than a thousand steps.


2. Lion Rock

This is your place if you want a closer look at the Kowloon side and have some monkey encounters! You have to use Maclehose Section 5 to take you along the Kowloon ridge. Once there, you will be surprised to see the amazing view of what the Honkies call “Dark Side.

Begin your journey from Diamond Hill MTR station and reach Sha Tin Pass Rd and Tsz Wan Shan (Temple Hill) via taxi. Once reaching there, hike Section 5 on the Kowloon ridge to reach Tai Po Road. This place is worth visiting for the view of Lion’s rock and the encounter that you might have with the monkeys!


3. The Beach Hike

If you wish to see the most beautiful seaside scene of the beach, this is the place for you to be! The hike begins from Maclehose Section 2 and will take you to pass the Long Ke reservoir. If you take a cab from Tseung Kwan O MTR Station, you will pass three beaches on the way- Tai Long Wan, Sai Wan, and Ham Tin Wan.

If you wish to choose one hike while in Hong Kong, this is probably the one you must go for. Experience the true HK oasis!


4. Lantau Peaks

For you want to feel that real mountaineering experience and see HongKong’s big Buddha, this hiking trail is for you. The two peaks are located on Section 2 and Section 3 of the Lantau Trail.

In order to get started with the adventurous hike, take a ferry from the Central Pier to Mui Wo on Lantau. You can take any bus for Nam Shan. This is where the trail begins. If you like, then don’t miss the chance to hike both the peaks, first the 1st Sunset Peak and then the Lantau Peak.

Finally, visit the famous Lantau Big Buddha.


5. High Junk Peak

This is an amazing and small hike in the New Territories. This is the place where you can find the best seafood. You can either walk or take a cab from the Hang Hau MTR to Clearwater Bay Rd and Ng Fai Tin bus station. This is the place where the trail starts.

You can either choose to walk alongside the two peaks or go to the top of the High Junk Peak for a breathtaking view of the Sai Kung peninsula and Clearwater Bay.


6. The Morning Trail

You may not be up for a full-scale hike, but how about a morning walk? If that’s what you are looking for, then the Morning Trail is for you to try. The walk is to best enjoyed at night or in the early morning hours.

The trail is going to take you from the mid-levels to the Victoria Peak Lookout.

So hike like crazy once in HongKong. But in order to get the best experience and great feel of hiking, make sure you get yourself a pair of comfortable hiking pants. After all, there is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of pants which stops you down the trail!

The second most important thing you will need is right hammock underquilt. They are essential for any camping or backpacking trip.

Have a blast!

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