6 Best Travel Destinations For New Year 2020

New Year is one of the important holidays of the year. Everyone wants to celebrate this time in style and have lots of fun to make it the loveliest evening of their life.

From fun street parties to fireworks blasting all night to stunning shows, there is no shortage of places to make your day memorable.

Therefore, if you are seeking for the top holiday destinations for New Year’s Eve, here are the iconic spots that you must add to your bucket list.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland_best solo travel destinations

Where: Princess Street gardens

Why Visit?

Hogmanay is the world’s famous festival and one of the largest New Year’s celebrations. This three-day festival begins before 31st December. From 25 December to 2nd Jan, there are tons of events happening across the city, with the grand finale on 30th and 31st Dec with Edinburgh street party and torchlight procession.

Also, it does not come without bonfires and fires. It is because of Pagan and Viking origins. It is more than a one-night party. It means this event is a marathon of parties, shows, bars, music, traditional dancing, costumed parade, and concerts. You can visit the Edinburgh Hogmanay website for the activities happening across the city.

Must Not Miss: loony Dook parade, dog sledding competition

How to Reach? : Via Edinburgh airport


2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Where: Tao Dan Park, Ho Chi Minh City

Why Visit?

New Year’s Eve in Vietnam is a little bit different than other places. After Vietnamese people got freed from Chinese people, they made own Lunar-solar calendar. The first lunar is celebrated as Tet Nguyen Dan. During this time, most of the places get shut down as local people celebrate it for three days. If you are planning a fantastic holiday in Ho Chi Minh City, then Tao Dan Park is the ultimate place to visit if you love spending time amid nature.

Every New Year, the colorful spring flower festival is held in Tao Dan Park. On this occasion, you will enjoy different stunning works of art made using flowers, lion parade performances, and yummy Vietnamese street food. Hustling and bustling of people and cheerful atmosphere creates impressive scenery in the park. During New Years’ eve, families usually spend a memorable time walking around the park and enjoying a cup of coffee. The best time to visit Tao Dan Park is the early morning.

Must Not Miss: Vietnamese food, dance, and conventional attire

How to reach? : Via Tan Son Nhat Airport


3. Brisbane, Australia

Where: Gold Coast

Why Visit?

Gold Coast is another excellent place to party this New Year’s Eve. Known as the ultimate party destination, there are tons of family-friendly places to enjoy the celebrations. Inspiring fireworks is one of the gorgeous displays of pyrotechnic magic. Also, kid-friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations offer a golden chance to the families to enjoy and involve their kids in the festivities.

You can even indulge in an exceptional cuisine at one of the top restaurants. Remember Gold Coast is also an excellent way to feed your appetite for live music. If you are planning to move to this place at the end of the year, it’s recommended to hire savvy movers Gold Coast. They will help you move speedily while ensuring everything gets managed in an organized fashion.

Must Not Miss: incredible events and live entertainment

How to Reach? : Via Gold Coast airport


4. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA_travel destinations usa

Where: Since the whole city is full of fun, so you can head out anywhere you like.

Why Visit?

There is no surprise that Las Vegas is one of the crazy party destinations across the globe. Approximately 300 thousand people collect there from 6 PM onwards for the New Year celebration every year. Here you can mingle, walk around and enjoy the fantastic fireworks.

Lag Vegas, on the night of New Year’s Eve, will be full of crowd and chilly. Thus, it’s best to dress appropriately since the temperatures drop between 30 to 40 Fah.

Must Not Miss: Shopping in Las Vegas

How to Reach? Via McCarran International Airport


5. Paris, France

Paris, France_best travel destinations

Where: Eiffel Tower, Elysées Avenue, Seine river, Arch de Triomphe

Why Visit?

Paris is one of the beautiful destinations if you want to take New Year to a whole new level. Every year, the city lights up, and a massive crowd fills the bars, streets, and clubs for a night of frivolity. Since this destination is always full of crowd, so it’s the best idea to plan your schedule in advance.

From spectacular laser show at Arch de Triomphe to clubbing all night along to romantic dinner cruise at the Seine, there is something for everyone.

Furthermore, there is no better way than to begin the New Year than on Champs-Élysées. It is one of the city’s most famous streets that organize Parisian New Year’s Eve street party every year. Since every lane is super busy in Paris, therefore it’s best if you walk to where you are staying.

Must Not Miss: Private dinner, fireworks display at Eiffel Tower and Cruise on Seine River

How to Reach? Via Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


6. Berlin, Germany

Where: Berlin TV Tower, spree river, Alexanderplatz

Why Visit?

Berlin is another best place to spend New Year’s Eve. Germany’s capital is also home to some of the fantastic clubs in the world. Every year, the city lights up, and the sky gets filled with electric and colorful fireworks. Whether you love clubbing or big parties all night, you will surely find a great time here.

The biggest party of the year is held at Brandenburg Gate, where thousands of people collect for free-open air celebration every year. This famous historical landmark organizes lights, laser shows, tents, magic shows, fireworks, food, and drink stalls, thereby making the biggest New Year’s Eve party in Berlin.

Must Not Miss: Dance party at the three-story Berlin Tv Tower, Brandenburg Gate

How to Reach? : Via Berlin Tegel Airport

Wrapping Up:

Nothing is more amazing than starting the first day of the year in a gorgeous place. The options are endless when it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve. So go ahead and discover the world’s most fabulous travel destinations for New Year to welcome 2020 with optimism. However, make sure that you plan early for the beautiful viewing regions for fireworks and prime parties. Remember, few venues charge admission, and tickets even sell out a few months ahead.

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