How To Celebrate New Year In Dubai 2021

celebrate New Year In Dubai 2021

Like all other parts of the world, Dubai also welcomes the New Year with new zeal and fervor. Every year proper events, insane fireworks, and lightings are organized to celebrate the New Year with new goals and commitments. If you are looking for celebrating the New Year 2021 in Dubai, we suggest you hire an auto from the professional car rental Company.

You will really get amazed and astonished to see how Emirate residents celebrate the New Year in Dubai. Even if you are planning a Dubai trip, the best time is to celebrate your New Year’s Eve in Dubai. To relieve stress and hectic ness of routine life, people usually planned a long drive in their rented vehicle for enjoying parties, dances, fireworks, and lighting.

Here are some ways in which you can celebrate your New Year 2021 in Dubai.

  • Glazing Firework in Dubai
  • Attend New Year Parties
  • Midnight Gala at Madinat Jumeirah
  • Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Dune Drive on Safari Desert

1. Glazing Firework In Dubai

The dazzling fireworks in Dubai on New Year’s Eve are popular all around the world. You know what the most amazing thing is you can enjoy the firework show at various locations in Dubai without any cost. The light and water show after glazing fireworks on Burj Khalifa will surely add bright colors to your Dubai trip.

Despite Burj Khalifa’s firework show, your family will surely enjoy a true Atlantis firework demonstration in Dubai. You should also plan to visit Umm Al Sequim Beach located between The Atlantis and Burj Khalifa. An artistic glamorous firework show enlightens the Dubai sky at the moment when the clock hits 12 am. It is an ample opportunity for travelers to view such an amazing live firework.

2. Attend New Year Parties

If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in celebrations, the best way is to go to a club. The ideal way for tourists to explore the culture and modern style of Dubai is to attend New Year’s parties. Are you pondering upon where these parties are arranged? How can you go to long-distant clubs for New Year parties?

It’s quite simple to attend the New Year party at any one of the places of Barsati, Bahri Bar, and Cavalli Club. You just need reliable personal transport to move around in Dubai. You should hire a motor from the Monthly Car Rental in Dubai for spending your whole vacation and New Year’s celebration in Dubai. These clubs cost a little fee of around 100AED as an entry fee.

3. Midnight Gala At Madinat Jumeirah

Midnight Gala at Madinat Jumeirah

One of the top-notch ways of celebrating New Year’s Eve in Dubai is attending a midnight gala. At Madinat Jumeirah, Midnight Gala is a full-fledged celebration consisting of a dinner and aspiring fireworks. You will never have experienced such remarkable hospitality in the UAE.

Along with a delicious dinner, you can also enjoy different concert shows. Besides this place, you can fulfill your desire of watching live dance and concert shows on Dubai Opera Head. It will not be wrong to say that there is not even a single place in Dubai where there is no celebration of NYE.

4. Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is also an unparalleled festival that is held for welcoming New Year in Dubai from 26th December. This shopping festival takes place for almost one month. Shopping lovers, tourists, and business travelers find it the most ideal time of shopping for their favorite product at a budget-friendly cost.

You are thinking absolutely right. There is a bumper discount offer on all the malls on all the items. Whether you want to shop for clothes, jewelry, household items, or other things, you will avail of a discount. The best way is to contact monthly car rental in Dubai for visiting all the malls in Dubai.

5. Dune Drive On Safari Desert

Dune Drive on Safari Desert

Safari Desert is another appealing destination in Dubai for the celebration of NYE with your family. You can enjoy dune driving, camel riding, sand boarding, dancing, and painting. Safari Desert has all the mandatory arrangements for the New Year celebration. You will be served a delicious buffet dinner as well.

So, what are you waiting for? The New Year is on its way. You should plan to spend your winter vacations in Dubai. We suggest you choose a luxury vehicle from Rent A Car Dubai Company to explore the New Year at your own pace. Keep in mind to rent a car according to your stay duration in Dubai.

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