The Types of Cuisine You Can Expect to Eat on a Cruise Ship

Did you know there are over 50 different cuisines in the world?

If you have been wanting to try different types of cuisines, you will have the chance to do so on your next cruise adventure!

There are cruise foods to please everyone’s taste buds, including people who are on a healthy diet. Continue reading to find out some of the different cuisines that are included on the cruise ship food menu:

1. American Cuisine

Some people may be surprised to find that cruise ships come with American cuisine, especially first-time cruisers. It is one of the popular cuisines on a cruise ship.

American cuisine includes burgers, barbecue chicken, and steak. The sides which you can choose from are all American too, from broccoli to green beans and fries.

2. Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean Cuisine

The entrees and sides in this cuisine are made to taste exactly like Caribbean food with the special use of sauces and seasonings.

Have you ever heard of curry shrimp over rice with fried plantains on the side? Well, that is a famous Caribbean dish that can be found on your cruise ship.

3. French Cuisine

French cuisine may not be everyone’s first choice but it is a type of cruise food that you may find on your cruise ship. If you have never tried anything from French cuisine then why not go ahead and give it a try.

Two famous food selections for French cuisine is creme brulee and a Nicoise salad. However, be careful with a Nicoise salad on a cruise ship because it can come with an egg as a topping.

Before you get an egg as one of your Nicoise salad toppings, make sure that it is a hard-boiled egg cooked thoroughly. Eggs are one of the cruise ship’s food items that can make you sick.

4. English Cuisine

Everyone should have heard of sausages, bacon, and eggs. Those foods are mainly used in an English breakfast, so it should not be hard to enjoy an English breakfast on your cruise ship, especially if those are your favorite foods to eat for breakfast.

Another famous English dish that you may not have thought was English is fish and chips. The chips are not actual chips but fries that pair well with fish. Try this dish when you begin the adventure of a lifetime with our cruises from San Diego.

5. Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

If you are traveling to Mexico but have never had Mexican food before, then try it on your cruise ship.

Some of the famous Mexican foods include tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. So many people love Mexican food, hence the entire Tuesday called Taco Tuesday.

Sample Different Types Of Cuisine On A Cruise

Going on a cruise isn’t just a time to enjoy being at sea. In addition to looking forward to arriving at your destination, be sure to enjoy the food on offer.

You’ll certainly find the types of cuisines fleshed out above in most cruises, so don’t shy away from sampling them.

Happy cruise and keep tabs on our blog for more travel and culinary tips.

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