Why Is Goa The Ultimate Tourist Destination?

Goa is amongst the most popular tourist destination in India due to is massive beaches, relaxing vibes, electrifying parties, adventure, and unparalleled experience. Unlike other places in India, the smallest state is a perfect blend of the West and the East.

It is influenced by both Portuguese culture as well as Indian traditions. You will come across Christians as much as Hindus in Goa and discover that the entire Goan population lives harmoniously and respects one another equally irrespective of their cultural backgrounds, religions, professions, etc.

Perhaps, this is why tourists are drawn to Goa tremendously. It is present in almost every Indian’s list and international tourists also visit Goa on their trip to India. Other reasons are mentioned below.

1. Magnificent Beaches

Depending on the area you are in, you will experience different vibes. The North Goan area is where most of the tourists are found because it is the party place of Goa.

Whether you are in Vagator, Baga, or Calangute, you will be surrounded by loud music, lots of alcohol, and party animals.

During the day, you will find these beaches loaded with shacks serving delicious food and alcohol throughout the day. You can also quest your thirst for adventure by doing water sports there. In South Goa, the beaches are calmer, less visited, and cleaner.

If you want to be in the lap of nature and drown in the silence of the sea, South Goan beaches are ideal. Since they do not attract as many tourists, there are fewer shacks on the beach and restaurants around.

2. Relaxed Lifestyle

Due to the mixed culture and influence of Portugal, the people living in Goa are open-minded and lead a stress-free, laidback lifestyle.

They are used to seeing tourists all the time and most of them earn through tourism. Many people also buy properties before checking Property Prices In Goa for renting it to obtain up to 15% extra income.

Goans run cafes, pubs, shacks, guest houses, hotels, etc., which means they have to interact with all kinds of people. Moreover, being near the sea, soaking sunlight, and breathing pollution-free air make the locals feel fresh and active all the time.

The policy in Goa is to make the most out of the day by enjoying, working, and partying. In India, Goa is probably the most relaxing place you will find.

3. Connect With Your Inner Self

When you are in Goa, you will be in the lap of nature because you will be surrounded by rejuvenating beaches, cool breeze, plenty of sunlight, greenery, waterbodies, hills, etc. Except for desert and snow, Goa has almost everything. Being so close to nature will release happy hormones and you may ponder about your life.

Moreover, there are numerous meditation and yoga centers in Goa that are run by experienced professionals. These centers will teach you how to balance your thoughts, emotions, and chakras. Once you learn the art of meditation and how to release negative emotions through yoga, you can exercise better control over your life.

3. Meet New People

You will be interacting with a variety of people having different interests, backgrounds, religious beliefs, professions, and stories to tell.

Goa is visited by solo travelers, couples, groups of friends, families, and even by colleagues who come to the state for attending corporate meetings.

Through them, you can learn about a range of new things. Most of the travelers and locals in Goa are very open-minded and friendly.

You can always strike a conversation and discuss their stories to know more. Doing so will help you make new friends, increase your knowledge, enhance your creativity, and find inspiration.

Moreover, Goa is the right place for artists because of beaches and nature as well as hippie life. You will find numerous art galleries, museums, churches, villas, and types of artists who may introduce you to new kinds of artforms.

5. Scrumptious Food And Boozy Cocktails

The reason why Goa is loved so much is because of its lively spirit. There will never be a dull moment in Goa because you can try as many types of alcohol as you want and eat unfamiliar dishes.

Alcohol is served everywhere in Goa and you will find a bull bar menu at most of the places.

You should not leave Goa before trying its famous alcohol – Feni. Due to tourism, Goan restaurants offer a plethora of cuisines and dishes. Even the local food here is different.

Goan curries are spicier than the Indian ones and they usually have a unique taste. If you like seafood, you would end up treating your palates here every day.

The Bottom Line

Goa has been a tourist destination for decades. Earlier, Portuguese people used to come to this heavenly state to relax and rejuvenate, and now, it is visited by people from all over the world.

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