Gandhi National Museum

New Delhi, India

Located near Rajghat, the memorial site of Mahatma Gandhi, this museum came into existence when government felt the need to preserve the personal belongings and objects used by The Father of the Nation after his assassination on 30th January 1948. This Museum was Shifted to Rajghat, where Mahatma was cremated, in 1959 and was constructed at the height of a two-story building inaugurated on 30th January 1961 on Mahatma’s Death anniversary by first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Visitors here can see collection of objects that were very close to Mahatma Gandhi. There is large collection of literature works, studies and published material on the life and works of Gandhi which portrays about his life during the freedom struggle and his non-violence philosophies. At the entrance of the museum there is a wood carved statue of Three Wise Monkeys of Gandhiji and Quotations like ‘Talisman’, ‘Seven Social Dreams’, ‘India of my dreams’.The Photographic Gallery section has a collection of Mahatma Gandhi’s photographs with write-ups beginning with his birth, childhood, education, arrival at Delhi up till 1947, Gandhi’s famous Dandi march or ‘Salt’ protest march. Photographs of his Personal books, belongings, microscope, a replica of Gandhi’s Living Room, ‘Khadi Sari’ gifted to Indira Gandhi during her marriage in 1942 by Gandhi Ji and his wife Kasturba Gandhi can also be seen here. Visitors can also see items pertaining to the assassination of Gandhi including the three bullets that hit Gandhi Ji, Blood stained cloths, watch, Shawl, Urns that carried Gandhi’s ashes to be immersed in all the sacred rivers of India, a wooden frame that held the Urn and bags made of cloth which held the ashes of Gandhi Ji being carried to Prayag in Allahabad and Rameshwaram. There is also a huge library which holds books in different language related to Mahatma’s life and The Audio and Visual Section having audio and video tapes, CDs, DVDs, records, movies and films on the life of Mahatma and his freedom fighting days.

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