India Gate

New Delhi, India

India Gate is a war memorial, built in the memorial of 82000 soldiers of united British Indian Army who died during the First World War. Originally known as All India War Memorial, India Gate was built in 1931 and is Located at the Rajpath. The 42 meter high structure was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens using the architectural style of the triumphal arch and built using the red Bharatpur stone. This structures is often compared with the Gateway of India in Mumbai and Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Names of about 13218 war dead are honored on the India Gate. After the Bangladesh liberation war in 1971, to commemorate Indian soldiers who got killed, a small structure was constructed using black marble plinth under the archway of the India Gate. This structure is known as The Amar Jawan Jyoti which has four eternal flames and reversed rifle, capped by war helmet. The Republic Day Parade, which displays the prosperity and might of India, starts from Rashtrapati Bhavan and passes around the India Gate. The India gate is illuminated every evening and is a major tourist attraction. At a distance of 150 meters from India gate and at the junction of six roads, lies a structure known as Canopy which has our Delhi order columns which support the canopy or the chhajja. A national war memorial is going to be built around the canopy and a museum is also coming up in the park surrounding the entire area. People from all over India and world visit India gate and it looks magnificent in the evening and night time.

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