Mehrauli Archaeological Park

New Delhi, India

Located near Qutub Minar and the Qutub Complex and popularly known as JamaliKamali, this archeological area is spread over 200 acres and house about 100 ruins of historical monuments of early medieval times to the 19th century. Mehrauli is probably the oldest continuously inhabited area of the city of Delhi. This park was originally the burial ground of the Mughals and the Lodhis and was later converted into a weekend lounge for Sir Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe during the British rule. Lal Kot, Tomb of Balban, JamaliKamali Mosque, Tomb of MaulanaJamaliKamali,Quli Khan’s Tomb, GandhakkiBaoli, Rajon Ki Baoli, a stepwell, Madhi Masjid, Jahaz Mahal, Zafar Mahal of Bahadur Shah II,Hauz-i-Shamsi and Tomb of Adham Khan are some of the historical monuments located inside this park. Lal Kot was built by the TomarRajputs in 1060 AD and is believed to be the oldest and first fortification of the Delhi region. Later on the Chauhans extended it by building Qila Rai Pithora.Rajon Ki Baoliwas constructed by Sikandar Lodhi of the Lodhi Dynasty in 1506and is famous Step well along with GandhakkiBaoli. Both these wells were used to supply water in those days.JamaliKamali Mosque was built in in 1528 in honorof the Sufi Saint Jamali Kamboh after his death. Adham Khan’s Tomb was built by the Emperor Akbar in the memory of his foster brother and general Adham Khan in 1566.Tomb of Balban or Tomb of Ghiyasud din Balbanof slave dynastywasbuilt in1287 CE in rubble masonry architecture is an example of first true Arch style of construction in India.Tourists can see spectacular view of Qutub Minar form here. Yog Maya Mandir which is present near Iron Pillar is very sacred place among Hindu devotees and is supposed to be built by the Pandavas king Yudhisthr. There is also a very beautiful Rose Garden in the Mehrauli Archeological Park.

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