National Museum

New Delhi, India

National Museum is one of the largest museums of the country. Lying very close to India Gate, the Museum has around 200,000 works of art, both of Indian and foreign origin, dating back to over 5,000 years. The museum functions under the Ministry of Culture, government of India. At the entrance of the museum there is an octagonal shaped Temple Chariot weighing 2,200 kilograms and made from Saal and Sagvan wood, which dates back to 18th and 19th Century AD. There are different galleries in this museum but theHarappanCivilization Gallery is one of the most impressive,exhibiting a wide collection of 4,825 HarappanCivilizationartifacts like Seals, Jewelry, Pottery, Terracotta figures, tablets, measurement instruments, axes, knives, chisels and other tools made of copper.The Buddhist Art Gallery has numerous Buddhist Relics including painted scrolls of Buddha known as ‘Thangka’ from Tibet, Nepal, Central Asia, Cambodia, Java and Myanmar representing Buddha in three principal forms of Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana which are sculptures made of wood, stone, terracotta and bronze. On display are 352 beautifully and intricately completed miniature paintings and manuscripts of India carved on Palm leafs, Leather, Wood, Hard-boards and Thankus, showing different styles and themes belonging to the Mughal era, Rajasthan, Pahari, Central India, Deccan and others forms dating back to 1000 AD and 1900 AD.The Central Asian Antiquity Gallery showcases 600 Central Asian Art forms including painted silk banners, stunning wall paintings; wooden, stucco and terracotta sculptures; leather, fibre, grass, porcelain and pottery, Gold and Silver items and secular religious documents which were excavated by the Sir Aurel Stein between 1900 to 1916. Visitors can see a wide collection of 125 Folk and Classical Musical Instruments dating back to 17th and 19th Century. The Arms and Armor Gallery has a collection of about 500 of the finest weapons, fire arms, ritual weapons, sacrificial weapons, armors, war accessories and other types of weapons and projectiles belonging to the Mughal, Rajput, Sikh, Hindu and Maratha era.Other than these pre-historic collections, the museum also displays stunning Paintings, Jewelry, Manuscripts,Decorative Art work, Central Asian Antiquities, Weapons and Armors. The museum also runs a publication house and an Educational division known as National Museum Institute of History of Arts,Conservation and Museology, a deemed university, which runs Masters and Doctoral level courses in History of Art, Conservation and Museology

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