National Rail Museum

New Delhi, India

Inaugurated in 1971 and situated at Chankyapuri area near the Bhutan Embassy, this museum was primarily built to display the rich and ancient heritage of the Indian Railway System and its gradual transition in India. It became an instant Hit among the children after its opening and helped create interest and educate children and people on the importance and use of Railways in their daily lives. The museum has large collection of trains, bogies and engines dating back to the 19th century. Visitors can see 100 real Steam, Diesel and Electric Engines and Locomotives, Cranes, Fireless Locomotive, Turn Table, 1892 Girder Bridge, Train Cabins, Coaches and bogies. There is an indoor gallery which has on display aunique collection of real records, photographs, documents, antique furniture, antique clocks, Railway Badges, Metal Passes, Models of Train, Engine, Wagons and Cranes and many other objects relating to the Railway System. The gradual process of modernization of Indian Railways has been displayed with the help of Pictorial representation of Telecommunication, Signaling, Architecture, Engineering and Constructions etc. Few other important tourist attractions of Rail museum are a ride in joy train, Maharaja of Patiala State Mono Train and ride in The Fairy Queen, which is the oldest and only functional steam engine train in the World. Visitors can also see Morris Fire Engine that was built in 1914 by the famous fire engineers of M/S John Morris and Sons Ltd. the museum also houses a small Souvenir Shop which sells miniature models of Locomotives and Engines along Key chains, T-Shirts, mementos, shields, puzzles, audio and video cassettes and CDs based on the Rail museum.

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