National Science Centre Museum

New Delhi, India

Located inside the Pragati Maidan complex on Bhairon Road, this museum was built especially to increase the interest amongst people and students towards the field of Science and its elements. There is a huge library, an expandable and inflatable Planetarium, a souvenir shop and a Cyber School where students and teachers can attend various short term courses. There are many galleries designed according to the theme of the elements being displayed and using various laws and theories of Science.Visitors can also know about the contributions of Indian Nobel Prize Scientist and prominent personalities in the field of Science and Mathematics.The Science and Technology Heritage Gallerydepicts the gradual growth of Scientific and Technological wealth of India over the last 4,500 years via 91 exhibitions. The Human Biology Gallerydisplays all the attributes of a Human Anatomy, Structure, Functions, Psychological, Physiological, myth and understanding of its immunity system, diseases that affect it, Healthy living, Biotechnology and Study of Genetic evolution and its engineering. The Pre Historic Life Gallery sheds light on the life forms of prehistoric period which are now extinct including Life forms of 35 different species like Giant Scorpions, Trilobites, Dinosaurs and Neanderthal man.Process like the formation of earth, land, geological changes due to natural calamities, evolution and climatic changes, the origin of life on earth, water and their extinctions, are also explained in this section The Fun Science Gallerydisplays over 113 interactive exhibitions including a 3-D Theatre and a new facility devoted to teaching kids about the scientific world and its uses by the concept of Keep-It-Simple-Make-It-Fun or KISMIF.The Emerging Technologies Galleryillustrates aspects of an emerging scientific world which answers questions like converting sea water for usage of drinking and household purposes, forming an important organ like the ‘heart’ in laboratory , inventing new methods and techniques of creating power for our daily electricity needs, invention of unbreakable glass and many other new ideas.The National Science Centre Museum organizes different Indoor and Outdoor activities, based on environmental issues and awareness, on World Population Day, World Telecommunication Day, World Health Day, National Science Day, World Ozone Day and many such events and themes.

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