Purana Quila

New Delhi, India

This is the oldest fort in Delhi and also the oldest known structure of any type. Located near the bank of River Yamuna, It is believed that Pandavas build this fort in Indraprastha, the capital of their kingdom, which is now known as Delhi. Kunti Temple inside the Qila is present, which is the place, according to Hindu Mythology, where Kunti, the mother of Pandavas lived. The fort is considered to be the sixth city of Delhi. This fort was rebuilt by Mughal Emperor Humayun and later by his conqueror Sher Shah Suri, between years 1533 to 1545. It is spread in over 2 miles in circumference having rectangular shape and surrounded by walls of great solidity. The walls of fort are 18 meters high and cover a distance of 1.5 KM. There are three arched gates known as Bara Darwaza, South Gate or the Humayun Gate and The Talaqi Gate. All the three gates are double storied and are built with Red Sandstone and Marble. A mosque known as Qila-i-Kuhna Mosque built by Sher Shah suriin 1541when he captured this quila after deafening Humayun in 1541 can also be seen by the tourists inside the Purana Quila. Inside this Quila, Sher Mandal can be seen which was the personal library and observatory of the king. It was from the steps of Sher Mandal; Humayun fell and died two days later because of sustaining severe injury. A small museum is also present in the premise which houses many artifacts showing the beginning and end of a glorious era of the Mughal period.KairulManzil, a mosque built by MahamAnga, foster mother of Akbar is also in the close vicinity of Humayun gate. Archeological Survey of India carried out excavations at Purana Qila and found Painted Grey Ware, dating back to 1000 BC, and various objects and pottery signifying continuous habitation from Mauryan to Mughal periods.There is a small lake outside the Purana Quila which is used for Boating by tourists visiting here.

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