Red Fort/Badalgarh Fort

Agra, India

Agra Fort also well known as ‘Lal- Qila’, ‘Fort Rouge’ or ‘Qila-i-Akbari’ stands in the city of Agra to sing the saga of Mughal strength in India at that time. The Forts were built for fortification and to mark the difference between the ruler and the ruled thus; this Fort still speaks about the valor of the rulers of that time.
Interesting features of the Fort:

• At the entrance of the Fort, visitors get to see the magnificent view of large elephants built of stone on both sides of the entrance. It is known as Elephant Gate or Hathi pol.

• The entrance gateway leads to the popular Diwan-i-am, the courtyard of the Fort. The courtyard is made beautiful by ornamentation work and bracket form of construction that produces attractive effect during the day by light and shadow effect.

• The outer courtyard known as Jahangir Mahal faces the river and has wonderful surroundings. One can get the view of Taj Mahal towards the right and the ruins of Akbari Mahal nearby which is also known as the Bengali Mahal.
• There is a grand courtyard behind the Diwan-i-Am known as the Machchi Bhawan or the Fish Palace. The main attraction of this portion is the elegant garden and fountain. From here one can spot the Diwan-i-Khas and the Chittor gate that is the symbol of victories of Akbar.

• The Fort also in houses the chamber in which Shah Jahan was imprisoned by Aurangzeb and also the Moti Masjid.
It is not clear which ruler built this Fort but, the Fort has character of both the Hindu and the Islam style of architecture in red sandstone and is also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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