Sanskriti Kendra Museum

New Delhi, India

Situated at Anandgram near Ayanagar on on Mehrauli–Gurgaon Road, This museum is a combination of three museums namely Museum of ‘Everyday Art’, Museum of Indian Terracotta (tribal art) and Textile Museum. The museum complex is also known as an Artist Village is primarily functions towards preservation and presentation of indigenous heritage, craftsmanship, aesthetic functionality and cultural practices. The main vision of the museum is to become a central resource hub for all research on the art and craft traditions of India, particularly in areas of terracotta, textiles and everyday objects. Visitors here can see wealthy Indian Textile Heritagedating since the 19th Century AD in the form of exquisite embroidery work, Brocade, Bandhani, Kalamkari, Gota, Patolu, fine needle work and other unique and ancient Indian form of Art. The museum of everyday Art has on display objects which are related to everyday life. Showcased here are artefacts used by children in their day to day life like the writing material and books followed by objects used during adulthood like Hukkahs, Chillums, Betel Nut Boxes, Nutcrackers, Kitchen accessories, Household accessories, locks, latches, fashion accessories used by women, and also objects used during old age like incense sticks, lamps, burners, Religious and Ritual Accessories and Shrines. The museum of Terracotta displays probably the first ever creative art of Indian Civilization. The earthen pots and massive figures of deities on display in this museum belong to the TamilnaduAiyyanarCult dating back to 5000 years. This museum is also involved in preservation and restoration work of any fading and ancient Textiles and Art Work.Various workshops are organized by the Museum for Students, Artists, Scholars and Craftsmen who visit this here, to showcase exchange and share their inherent skills and techniques with each other. Facilities like Residential Studios, Library and Amphitheatre are also available within this Complex.

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