Tomb of Itmad ud Daula/Baby Taj

Agra, India

The Tomb of Itmad ud Daula and Taj Mahal has one striking similarity that demarcates both the monuments for their beauty. They both are made out of white marble, and the Tomb is the first Tomb in India to be built out of white marble. This is the Tomb of Mir Ghyas Beg and is located beside the River Yamuna.

The similarity may be because Mis Ghyas Beg was the father-in-law of Jahangir. Just like the incomparable beauty of Taj Mahal, this Tomb also has some features like it. The Tomb displays Indo-Islamic architecture especially the carvings of the Tomb clearly depicts this combination of architecture. The magnificent arched entrances and the octagonal shaped towers are built out of Persian influence and the monument also has Indian influence.

The decorations on the walls of the mausoleum are akin to the relevance of the age and the time – that of the Mughal aesthetic and glorification of ornate murals on walls made of white marble obtained from Rajasthan. It is for this specific reason that it is called ‘Jewel Box’ or ‘Baby Taj’ by adoration and awe in popular culture. It happens to be one of the first Mughal architectural archetypes to be built completely of white marble and on the banks of the river Yamuna which, until then, hosted gardens of varying types.

The Tomb is often compared with a ‘jewel-box’ amidst the lovely garden when taken a bird eye view of it. It is said that this Tomb was the inspiration for the construction of Taj Mahal.

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