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Trevor Bauer Suspended For Two Seasons By MLB Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Trevor Bauer Suspended For Two Seasons

Published on April 30th, 2022

Trevor Bauer, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, has been handed down a 324-game suspension by Major League Baseball over allegations of sexual misconduct.

It is reported that the Dodgers player will be suspended for 324 consecutive games – the equivalent of two full regular seasons – beginning on Friday. This is the longest suspension handed out in the entire history of the NFL’s policy on domestic violence.

Bauer is accused of sexual assault by a San Diego woman who requested a restraining order and essentially alleged that he took consensual rough sex too far over the course of two encounters last April and May.

Bauer is accused of choking and punching an unconscious woman during the two sexual assaults. He’s been in administrative leave with the MLB since July. He has not played in a game since and has missed 99 games to the present.

The 31 year-old repeatedly denies accusations, insisting that the actions were in the spirit of consent. He reiterated this via tweets on his account following the suspension was issued.

He won’t be credited for any time he spent in administrative leave. Additionally, he won’t be eligible to return until 2024 season, assuming the appeal he announced earlier is denied.

“In the strongest terms I deny that I committed any infraction of police’s domestic violence and sexual violence policy,”” said the man. “I appeal this decision and am hoping to be successful. We have been through this procedure, my representatives and I will respect the privacy of the proceeding.”

In February in February, The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office declared that it was not going to pursue charges related to the allegations of sexual assault against Bauer.

The former Cy Young winner has filed defamation lawsuits against his accuser and her lawyer, claiming they filed a false police report in which she claimed he “sexually assaulted her during their second sexual encounter by choking her unconscious on two occasions, punching her in the face and vagina repeatedly and scratching her face.”

Bauer has also filed defamation lawsuits in the past against Deadspin, The Athletic and its former writer of  Molly Knight.

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