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February 15th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Look After Your Well-being After You Enter Your 40s

In the fourth decade of your life people tend to gain more easily, have insufferable hangovers, putting on that extra weight becomes a curse at this age as it becomes ten times more difficult to lose weight and sometimes it seems close to an impossible task, injuries take ages to heal itself and there are various other changes that happen inside and outside of the body that affects us overall.

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On reaching the fourth decade of life when people have fully settled in their lives and nothing new is happening because of the sickening desk bound lives people become lethargic and too lifeless to keep themselves fit and healthy. Instead during this time people must start listening to the needs of their bodies and should start avoiding the things that might be harmful for them.

The mantra to happy and blissful life in the 40s is to eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis. Some blame the growing age for the slow reflexes but trust me there is nothing to be blamed for your own health. If something needs to be blamed for your poor health condition in the growing age then it is your negligence topped up with your monotonous and dull lifestyle.

The author of the book Midlife: Look Younger, Live Longer, Feel Better written by Dr. Muir Gray has made a very relatable statement by calling the 40s the sandwich generation in which people are juggling between parenting, aging and careers. Although it is a crucial time for anybody’s career as he/she is at the peak but still the monotonous and boring lifestyle decreases the quality of life of anybody.

During your 40s your body requires more attention and care. Eating properly, selectively, relaxing and sleeping on time needs to be done. A disciplined lifestyle is really very important with the growing age. Good food, daily exercise with the right attitude helps you to feel younger.

Although it is impossible to slow down the aging process but if one develops the right attitude and follows a few crucial steps then you will feel younger in fact anybody will feel younger and more energetic.


A Little Modification In Your Diet Will Take You A Long And Happy Way!

1. Drink Full Fat Milk


Specially after exercising you must have full fat milk as with age the muscle mass starts reducing. Especially on touching 50s it is the main thing that happens. Milk has calcium which will help in improving the bone health.


2. Avoid Taking Any Shortcuts

Many people resort to consuming supplements which can have detrimental effects on the body. Not only will it destroy the body in the long run, taking supplements can also lead to prostrate cancer.


3. Say No To Fake Ingredients

fat foods

Have freshly squeezed juices, raw fruits and switch towards having organic foods. Use olive oil to prepare food and veggies, have purple foods, and avoid eating carbs as much as you can. Also, use turmeric in all your foods.


4. Take Probiotics

When there is microbial activity in the gut then it could lead to ageing of the skin and facial skin in particular.

The healthy bacteria that is found in plain curd also known as lactoferrin can help your skin by improving the levels of the skin friendly flora.

By having probiotics in your diet, you will get a clearer, smoother skin. It is especially helpful for those who are prone to the rosacea or the adult-onset acne.


5. Drink Coffee

Coffee Ba

Too much of caffeine is dangerous for your health but if you start taking caffeine once in a day then there is nothing wrong with coffee. Coffee will help improve the physical performance. You can also have tea to meet the same purpose.

You should try drinking black, green, rooibos, oolong tea as it contains anti-oxidants which helps combat the aging process fight inflammation, depression, arthritis. Have sunflower and almond seeds that can help in plumping the skin.

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