Two Sets Of Twins In One Family! Wonder How You’d Cope With Twins?


February 16th, 2017   |   Updated on April 21st, 2023

Juliet and wife Nikki Cannici, 34,are still adjusting to life with another set of twins. Both have been married for over 10 years, initially had trouble conceiving. They were able to conceive Nico and Siena via IVF (in vitro fertilization) using two embryos. But they were shocked to find out that they were pregnant with twins again, just one embryo was transferred the second time.

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Twin births have almost doubled in the past 40 years, with one in 65 pregnancies now having two or more babies.
Often the result of fertility treatment or delayed motherhood, when ovaries can release more than one egg at a time,twins can wreak havoc on marriages, sex lives and finances. So just imagine what it’s like to have not one, but two sets of twins.

Despite the craziness and chaos that comes along with life, we think that the joys of raising two sets of twins far outweigh the challenges, because we consider such parents double blessed. We’ve curated some amazing two sets of twins for you:

The Cannici twins: Newborns Gia and Gemma and toddlers Nico and Siena



Cannici twins…times 2!

twin-photoshoot-today-2 times


Gia and Gemma brought a whole new level of joy to the family

Gia and Gemma


Two sets of twins and two moms equal the Cannici family!

Two sets of twins and two moms equal the Cannici family

James and Olivia (left) aged 4 with George and Isabella (right) aged 3 are from Barnsley


The twin boys Harry and Oscar are now five, and the girls, Annie and Eliza are now four



Harry, 13, and two sets of twins, George (back right) and Amber, (back left) 11, and Henry (front left) and Charley (front right), seven


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