How To Love Your Body In Two Weeks And Start A Relationship

Love Your Body

August 18th, 2018   |   Updated on August 20th, 2018

At the heart of almost any life problem lies the inability to love yourself. This is one of the reasons why people enter into a toxic relationship, do not climb the career ladder, wear uncomfortable clothes and suffer from complexes, drowning their grief in Pina colada. Find your love on

Two Weeks And Start A Relationship

However, the phrase, “love yourself” is not a magic wand, which immediately turns you into a confident successful person. Finding harmony with yourself is a work that starts with simple steps. Here are several tips that will help you change your attitude to yourself for the better.


1. Get Rid Of Bathroom Scales

Habits To Lose Weight And Keep It Off_1

The number on the bathroom scales should not have so much power over your life. Focus on how comfortable you feel in your body. You can feel that your weight has changed, and you need to lose a few pounds.

There is no reason why you should know about this figure. Lose weight only when your body demands it.


2. Stop Following Negative Sources Of Inspiration

Two Weeks And Start A Relationship

Carry out an audit of your contacts and subscriptions on social networks. Give up all those who do not share your values and are not interesting to you.

When you see only negative or toxic posts in the news line, they not only spoil the mood but also give your brain a signal that this type of attitude is the norm. Often, you can subconsciously follow the irritant and look for negative emotions on social networks.


3. Make A List Of Features Or Qualities That You Love About Yourself


Be objective, but do not be modest. You know your advantages best of all. People don’t get used to praise themselves, so keeping your faults in mind is much easier. Visualize what you love yourself for in the form of a list and regularly reread it.

This is not an attack of narcissism, but the formation of a healthy self-esteem. Do not forget to replenish this list from time to time because you change every day.


4. Make A List Of What You Want To Change And Decide How You Will Do That

We decided to set up a friendly challenge could Barack learn to kitesurf before I learned to foilboard

For example, you want to start eating right. Instead of talking and dreaming about it, make a small plan of steps that will help change your diet: take lunch with you to work, drink less coffee, replace sweets with fruit. At this stage, it is important to accept what you cannot change in yourself.

This is not a matter of one day, but when you understand what you can change and what you cannot, you will begin to accept your body as it is.


5. Treat Food As Fuel

Treat Food As Fuel

Not everyone feels a burst of energy and cheerfulness, having breakfasted with a salad. There are so many diets and ways to eat that it’s hard to understand that you eat right. Watch your body and eat something, after which you feel good.

It is unlikely to be fast food or cakes, so do not be afraid that you will start eating too much. Before the holiday dinner, when there is a lot of harmful food, try to recall the feeling of heaviness and weakness after such gluttony. You will want to eat less or give preference to something low-fat to feel comfortable.


6. Spend Time With Your Body


This is not about masturbation, although it is also a good way to know your body. Spend some time to walk around the house in your underwear or even without clothes. At first, it will be embarrassing for you, but you’ll get used to it.

It’s easy to wrap yourself up in clothes every morning and do not pay attention to your body. If you spend more time with yourself, you will love yourself natural. This, by the way, will help you feel more comfortable and forget about the complexes in bed with a partner.


7. Meditate


Sometimes, it’s important to get out of your head if you want to feel good in your body. Spend some time to think about nothing. Of course, nothing will come out right away, you need some practice.