Stunning Underwater Photos Of Newly-found Coral Reef From Brazil

Stunning Underwater Photos-V1

Published on February 4th, 2017

The world below the surface is a captivating and magical place. Scroll in to find some really beautiful underwater photos of  newly-found coral reef  from Brazil. Keep clicking through the photos for more.

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Researchers have visited the reef – which was only discovered last year – for the first time and have revealed a vast array of sponges ,corals and fish.

Stunning Underwater Photos-V1

The Amazon Reef has a huge potential for new species.

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only five per cent of the ecosystem has been mapped and life within much of the reef remains a mystery. But researchers want to have a better understanding of how this ecosystem works.

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The reef system is important for many reasons, including the fact that it has unique characteristics regarding use and availability of light.

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The unique area is already under threat from oil companies that are already planning to explore the area for potential oil drilling.

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The researchers used lasers to map the ecosytem – but so far have only managed to retrieve data on five per cent of the reef.

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The team captured the stunning images at 220 metres depth from a two-person submarine which was launched from the Esperanze boat.

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