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Report Racial Discrimination

Published on October 15th, 2019

1 BRICS Culture Ministers' Meeting Was Held In Curtiba. What Country The City Is Located In?

2. According To The World Bank's 'south Asia Economic Focus, Making (De) Centralization Work' Report, Which Country Is The Fastest Growing Economy In The World?

3. Japan Has Been Hit By One Of The Most-powerful Typhoons In Sex Decades. Identify The Name Of The Typhoons From The Following Choices:

4. Identify The Indian Nun Who Has Been Declared Saints By Pope Francis.

5. Which Of The Following Sports Lakshya Sen Is Associated With?

6. She Is The Lone Indian To Enter The Final Stage At The Ongoing World Women's Boxing Championships. Who Is She?

7. Which Of The Following Organizations Is Not One Of The Promoters Of The Global Smart Cities Alliance?

8. India Conducts Joint Military Exercise "Vajra Prahar" With Which Of The Following Countries?

9. The First Man To Conduct A Spacewalk In 1965 Has Dies. Who Was He?

10. Young Social Entrepreneurs Which Has Been Nurturing Innovative Business Ideas Focused On Social Good, Is Based In:

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