20 Perfect Vacation Selfies Taken At The Right Moment

Caught The Wave,

February 13th, 2017   |   Updated on February 26th, 2024

Everyone likes to take loads of good photographs on vacation, and with the new advances in camera technology, our vacation photos can be better than ever. From slick underwater cameras to GoPros to selfie sticks, there are a lot more ways to capture epic photographs of your greatest adventures.

We’ve curated some 20 of the most perfectly clicked selfies photographs, from funny optical illusions to straight unfortunate mishaps, that will absolutely take your breath away.

1. Just a man and his boat.Man On Boat

2. This Fish Is Such A Ham.


3. Romance under the sea.

Romance Under The sea.


4. Keeping casual for his photo debut.

Keeping Casual

5. Whoa.

Photo Bomb


6. That’s some crystal clear water.

Crystal Clear Water.

7. Plane Crash Selfie.



8. I wonder if he was afraid he’d drop the camera?

Man Having Fun

9. A well-timed kiss.

Perfect Click


10. Showboating for the camera. 

Showboating For The Camera.

11. Epic.

Perfect Jump Epic


12. Possibly the most awesome skydiving pic out there.

 Awesome Skydiving Pic

13. Extreme jetskiing.

Extreme Jetsking.


14. Clearly enjoying his retirement.

Never Feel Old

15. Just hanging with some dolphins, no biggie.

Dolphin In Selfie

16. This looks like a great way to spend a vacation.

Spend a Vacation, Selfies Taken At The Perfect Moment

17. Amazing.



18. A cool snorkeling shot.

A Cool Snorkeling Shot. selfies taken at the perfect moment

19. Hanging out in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Hanging Out


20. Caught the wave, caught the picture.

Caught The Wave, Selfies Taken At The Perfect Momentsource:lifebuzz.com