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Treasure Trove of The Vintage Cars And Motorbikes In The 19th-Century Intriguing Tunnel

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November 29th, 2016   |   Updated on February 23rd, 2024

In cities as old as Naples, residents have become used to unearthing classical Roman treasures, antiquated cisterns and other historic artefacts underneath their homes when it comes time to renovate.

Layered with history,  the ancient city is also home to a mysterious warren of tunnels carved into 16th century aqueducts, 100 feet below ground.

And what makes these tunnels all the more intriguing is that they are littered with discarded motorbikes, rusting vintage cars and water tanks in the 1950s and are then long forgotten.

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 Inside visitors can find the rusting relics of vintage cars.



Impounded retro motorbikes languishing 100 feet below ground in the 16th century aqueducts.



The intriguing Bourbon tunnel was originally designed for King Ferdinand II of Bourbon as an escape route connecting the royal palace and the army barracks in 1853



The secretive passageways were designed in response to the spate of revolts the monarch faced during his volatile reign



The king died before the tunnels were completed but they served a number of purposes until the 1960s when they fell into disuse and were forgotten


The passageways and aqueducts offered refuge as a military hospital and bomb shelter during World War II



Snaking 1,740 feet along the city, the structure was built into the volcanic rocks of the Bolla and Carmignano aqueducts



The tunnels became a warehouse for impounded vehicles from the 1940s until the 1960s


Visitors crawling through the tunnels nowadays will be sure to encounter the dusty relics of vintage cars and retro motorcycles abandoned underground


Rows of discarded vespas line the passageways – a treasure trove of historic wonders



In the early 2000s locals re-discovered and transformed the passageways into a quirky tourist attraction – Galleria Borbonica



Galleria Borbonica devised three different types of tours to satiate the curiosity of locals and tourists alike



On a standard tour, you can walk inside the tunnel, see the bomb shelters and water tanks



This incredible image shows an exquisite picture on one of the rusting vehicles



The speleo tour allows visitors to enjoy a hands-on gritty experience crawling through the tunnels wearing helmets with torches


Layered with history, as mesmerising as Naples is above ground the ancient city is also home to a mysterious warren of tunnels. This image shows the grand scale of the underground city



Tourists can take a raft ride through one of the flooded tunnels, with guides lighting the way with lanterns



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