30 Viral Images That Are Nothing But April Fool’s Day Pranks


April 1st, 2016   |   Updated on August 26th, 2020

Life is full of surprises and some of us are actually able to catch some of them in the form of photos and videos. Thanks to the internet some of these images have become quite popular and people claim that they are authentic and have origins that they are showing.

Unfortunately, others have to believe them too. However, half of the time these photos have been altered just to generate human interest. We bring together a compilation of 30 such images that went viral within a few hours.

However, when they were actually analyzed the truth came out and most of them seem to have been photoshopped in some form or the other.

Have a look at these pictures and you would realize what a dangerous place this internet can be. These unique pictures are an example of how the internet can turn a normal event into an April fool’s day prank for you.

1. Is This Real Lightning Flashing Over A Volcanic Eruption?


Image Source: Gizmodo

The BBC is one of the most trusted news sources in the world. But its reputation took a major hit after it was revealed that it faked footage of lightning in a volcano for a TV special called Patagonia.


2. Real Pilot Selfie


No, this isn’t the world’s greatest selfie. Though it might be if it were real.


3. 9-11 Tourist

9-11 Tourist

Perhaps one of the most famous hoax photos ever taken! Initially, it was  believed that this snap was captured from a camera at Ground Zero but only later did people realize it was a fake.


 4. Is This A Behind The Scenes Photo From National Geographic?

National Geographic

Image Source : Imgur

It’s an amusing photo. But that image of National Geographic photographers running from a bear has definitely been photoshopped.


5. Is This An Old Magic Trick Gone Wrong?

old magic

Image Source: Twitter

That’s not what these pictures show at all. And in fact, the real story is far more interesting.


6. Bike On Vashon Island That Was Abandoned For 100 Years


The kids’ bicycle embedded into a tree is a bit of a tourist attraction on Vashon Island, Washington, just outside of Seattle. But it’s not a century old, as so many social media accounts are claiming.


7. Photo From A Soviet Mental Institution In 1952

Soviet mental institution in 1952

This bizarre photo isn’t some supernatural weirdness from a Russian mental institution in 1952. It’s from Pina Bausch’s performance art dance show, Blaubart.



8. Is This A Photo From NASA Of India During Diwali?

photo from NASA

Image Source: Mashable

It’s actually quite an old fake as well, dating to at least 2012.


9.  Is This A 1950s Car Show?

1950s car show

Image Source: Gizmodo

The photo above does come from a car show that took place at a Thrifty Drug store parking lot in Los Angeles on May 15, 1954. But it’s not exactly as it would’ve appeared to people who were actually there.


10. Is This A Shooting Star And Its Reflection?

shooting star reflation

Image Source: Gizmodo

It’s actually a 2-minute long exposure of a space shuttle launch in 2010.


11. Is This A Kitchen Chair Floating In Space

chair floating in space

Image Source : Twitter

Sadly, there is no chair currently circling the globe.


12. Baby Polar Bear

Baby Polar Bear
Seemingly look like a real baby polar bear, but this widely circulated photograph is actually just a stuffed animal you can buy on Etsy.



13. Collapse Of Shark Tank In Kuwait

Collapse of Shark Tank in Kuwait
No, there were no sharks swimming circles around the bottom of an escalator. This, actually,  is a photoshopped image of Toronto’s Union Station.


14. Earth, Mercury, and Venus from Mars

Earth, Mercury, and Venus from Mars
This photo was generated from a piece of planetarium software.


15. Fennec Hare

Fennec Hare
It’s actually a kitten that was posted as an April Fool’s joke.


16. Fetus Foot

Fetus Foot
That would have to be Hercules in the womb for his foot to show through the uterus, muscles, and fat like that.


17. Hercules, The World’s Largest Dog

Hercules, The World's Largest Dog
Although the world’s biggest, tallest, and heaviest dogs are certainly worth a google search, this guy is not on the list.


18. Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Isaac

Retweeted thousands of times, actually, it is a Photoshopped picture of a supercell thunderstorm that seems to pop up with a new foreground every time there is a hurricane threat anywhere.


19. Indian Ocean Tsunami

Indian Ocean Tsunami
One of many photos that circulated after the tsunami that struck Indian Ocean shorelines in 2004 this was actually a picture of Antofagasta, Chile with waves photo shopped in.


20. Is This Really Einstein Riding A Bicycle Near A Nuclear Test?


Image Source: Twitter

This photo may seem like one of those that’s so absurd, no one could ever believe it deals. But people do. And they keep sharing it far and wide across social media.


21. Is This A Group Of Prohibitionist Women?

prohibitionist women

Image Source: laphamsquarterly

Ever wonder why everyone in this “prohibitionist photo” has such a cartoonish expression? Because they were actors.


22. Is This An Earthrise From The Perspective Of The Moon


Image source: Nasa

In 2013 NASA produced a computer-generated re-creation of what those astronauts saw, in full color. But ever since, people have been passing the re-creation around as an authentic photo.


23. Is This The Bodies Of Two People In Nevada


Image Source: Gizmodo

These aren’t the bodies of two people horrifically buried alive in the 1990s. They’re actually the bones of two people found outside Mantua, Italy back in 2007. And the bones date back as much as 6,000 years.


24. Is This A Real Screenshot From Wheel Of Fortune?

screenshot Wheel

Image Source: Twitter

Is the answer really “Luck Be In the Air Tonight”? Nope. It’s just a photoshop job from start to finish.


25. Oil Rig, Water Spout, And Lightning

Oil Rig, Water Spout, and Lightning
While the oil rig was added in later, the water spout and lightning part is actually real. It was taken by Fred Smith in Florida on June 15, 1991.


26. Purple Trees Of  Fairy Pools, Scotland

Purple Trees of Fairy Pools, Scotland
These trees are neither purple nor Scottish. This is actually just a photoshopped picture of Shotover River,  New Zealand.


27. Rainbow Owl

Rainbow Owl
Claimed to be some sort of rare wonder inhabiting the forests of China and the United States, this is actually an extremely photoshopped picture of a regular barred owl.


28. Statue Of Liberty In Hurricane Sandy

Statue of Liberty in Hurricane Sandy

This is yet another supercell thunderstorm that was superimposed over the Statue of Liberty.


29. Is This A Whale Swimming Through Venice?

whale in Venice

Image source: Instagram

No, that’s not a whale making its way through the canals of Venice. It’s actually a composite image by artist Robert Jahns, who’s responsible for another famous viral fake involving Venice freezing over.


30. Are These Real Penguins With Donated Sweaters?


Image Source: Mashable

Those penguins in that particular photo are totally fake.The photo comes from the Penguin Foundation’s Facebook page.


Source: list25, Gizmodo

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