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How Cool Was That? This Guy Has The Most Awesome Wakesurfing With A Dolphin


May 27th, 2017   |   Updated on February 20th, 2020

This fella thought it would be a great idea to have a little swim with the dolphins, but not in the usual way. He grabbed his wakeboard, and hit the wave. What happens next is truly beautiful. A dolphin decided it would be a great idea to join him in the wake.

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When YouTuber Kevin Mac went wake surfing with his friends in Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, he was already having an awesome time. But when he was joined by a curious swimmer, his experience became even more amazing.

The only person that this dolphin hangs ten with, though.


Wakesurfing with a dolphin watch the video

Video: Kevin Mac: YouTube channel


Dolphin Surfing, Woman Wakeboarding with Dolphins

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