Want To Excel In Public Speaking? Five Useful Strategies To Help You


August 1st, 2018   |   Updated on May 17th, 2022

Is public speaking your phobia? The moment you are on the podium your legs wobble. You find your hands trembling in anxiety as you manage the microphone. You feel giddy.

And the only thought you have is to escape this situation. According to evolutionary biologists, our brain goes to a mode of “flight or fight” response when it senses a presumed threat.

Relax! There’s nothing to fret. It happens with everyone who has tried their luck in public speaking. And the ones who’ve succeeded are the ones who fought through it with smart strategies. Today, there are several resources available to enhance your public speaking.

You can go through online articles, eBooks, blogs and posts shared by expert entrepreneurs like Jason Guck and others. It will help you to incorporate the best practices. Discussed below are five strategies to help you get going.

1. Practice Makes You Perfect

Public Speaking

With practice, you can get better at any skill. And mastering public speaking no different! Did you know that Winston Churchill used to practice hours of speaking practice at home, for just a few minutes of public speech delivery?

He is not the only one. Many leaders and authors followed the same path. A public talk needs to come out as spontaneous, authentic and seamless. And you can only get better at this with practice.

2. Start Getting Prepared For Impromptu Speeches

Start Getting Prepared For Impromptu Speeches

It is an obvious follow up of the first strategy! As you start getting better at practicing speech at home, you will see a remarkable improvement in your public talks. And gradually you will develop the confidence to and address an impromptu speech.

Belief is the essential element here. It gives you the courage to go on stage and discuss a topic with ease and full conviction. To reach this stage, you need to increase your reading habits and to increase your speaking practice at home.

3. Grasping Your Topic Well


Public speaking comes in several contexts. Irrespective of the circumstance, if your job is to educate the audience, then it makes perfect sense that you have a clear understanding of the subject. Midway on your public speech, you shouldn’t sound like you don’t have adequate material to talk.

If this happens, you will lose confidence and will affect your speech. Get clear about the subject matter much before you decide to speak.

4. Be Willing To Improvise

Be Willing To Improvise

Improvising is essential if you want to enhance your public speaking skills. Also, improvising helps you establish your signature in your public speaking.

Improvising means emphasizing the accent you use, the pauses you take, the reference material you use, the slideshows and presentations you add and many more. All this will add to your public speaking. So never be afraid to improvise.

5. Get Better At Storytelling

Public Speaking

Today, no one loves to listen to a monotonous speech! People look forward to an element of wonder in public lectures. Nothing engages the audience better than a powerful storytelling technique that the speakers use. So, work towards enhancing your storytelling skills.

The strategies to become a pro at public speaking are many! And you can always keep on improving your skills. Have you been waiting to start off the process? If yes, the above-discussed strategy is a great place to start.

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