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Arrival - Watch Movie 'Arrival' This Weekend

November 1st, 2018   |   Updated on December 28th, 2018

Based on an acclaimed short story, Arrival is a thoughtful film, a sci-fi tale that withholds easy answers. The story begins when alien spaceship appear at 12 locations around the world. Unsure whether the aliens have come in peace, the U.S. Army enlists linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) to approach the extraterrestrials. As the nations of the world grow restless, Banks studies the alien’s language, hoping to understand them.

This movie is about a linguist with military security clearance using her skills to decipher and communicate with alien beings who have landed all around the planet. Why did they come here? What do they want? Will they destroy us or will mankind continue to be it’s own worst enemy?

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Movie Review: San Francisco Chronicle

Watch Movie 'Arrival' This Weekend

The revelation here is Villeneuve, who expands on the symphonic pacing showcased last year in the drug war drama Sicario. Even though the concept of Arrival is far-out fiction, Villeneuve treats it with no less detail or urgency.

‘Arrival’ works as mainstream entertainment, but includes hallmarks of the “2001: A Space Odyssey”/“Silent Running” era of artist-driven science fiction. It has Hollywood stars, but makes great effort to strip them of any false glamour. The film is tightly calibrated, but leaves things open to interpretation, for discussion on the ride home from the theater and beyond.

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Movie Review: The Atlantic


The best film of the year to date, ambitious in conception and extraordinary in execution, has arrived. Arrival, the remarkable new film by Denis Villeneuve, begins aptly enough with an arrival—though perhaps not the kind you would expect. A baby is born, and her mother, played by Amy Adams, explains in voiceover, “I used to think to this was the beginning of your story.” We see the girl’s life, in flashback—games of cowboy, arguments, reconciliations—as her mother continues, “I remember moments in the middle … and this was the end.” We see the girl, now a teenager, in a hospital bed. Then we see the bed empty.

Suffice to say that Arrival is a ‘twist’ movie, but the twist is more than a mere gimmick. Like Christopher Nolan’s Memento, it is central not only to the film’s narrative but also to its moral architecture—which, like Memento’s, concerns itself with questions of time, memory, and human choice.

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Movie Review: The Hollywood Outsider

Watch Movie 'Arrival' This Weekend

Arrival is a thoughtful take on the alien invasion genre, carried by an impactful performance from Amy Adams.

Ultimately, Arrival is a solid piece of cerebral science-fiction. What could easily develop into an all-out battle for planetary domain, instead elicits societal commentary on the importance of working together and communication in an age when so much is based on snippets, headlines, and 140 character ideology. This is a film about the true conflict affecting the human race today: the war among ourselves.

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