Watch Movie ‘Simmba’ This Weekend: Ranveer Singh Lifts This Rohit Shetty Blockbuster!

Watch Movie 'Simmba' This Weekend

December 28th, 2018   |   Updated on February 14th, 2022

The big Bollywood release of this Friday, Simmba starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan in the lead roles, is a potboiler.

Actually a spinoff of Rohit Shetty’s successful Singham series, this film has enough paisa vasool moments and it gives us full on masala entertainment along with seeti-inducing scenes.

Simmba, a corrupt Police officer, enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical police officer until a life-changing event forces him to choose the righteous path.

Simmba is an orphan from Shivgadh from where our beloved Singham was born and raised. Contrary to the philosophies of Singham, Simmba believes that a Corrupt Officer’s life is an ideal life which inspires him to become one. While Simmba enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical Police Officer, a twist in the tale transforms him and forces him to choose the righteous path.

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This is a spinoff of Rohit Shetty’s alarmingly successful Singham movies, and I had called the first film “Devgnporn,” based on its fondness for crotch and caboose shots of its tight-trousered hero. In Simmba, with a cutesy title pointing out the cub of a lion king, Singh seems less concerned about his look than his feel. He embraces the trashy 80s-remake lunacy with gusto, creating a corrupt wisecracker more Deadpool than Devgn.

This is Shetty’s best work, a film of unflagging tempo with a genuinely charismatic lead, and while the actual story — about a bad cop who starts avenging rapes — isn’t interesting or original, Shetty keeps it entertaining, albeit longer than it should be. We can debate the need for these throwback films, and there is indeed a problem with the way rape is used as a trigger for the leading man to turn good, but, as it stands, Simmba is not only ahead of Singham, but far superior to Dabangg, the blockbuster that defines the genre.

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Watch Movie 'Simmba' This Weekend

Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba is all set to hit the silver screens today in India. The film which released in UAE on Thursday has already garnered a lot of positive reviews from fans. From entertaining action sequences to Ranveer Singh’s performance and Rohit Shetty’s direction, the film is garnering a lot of praise and is said to be one of the fun-filled films of this year. Ever since the first trailer of the film dropped on the web, social media has been buzzing about Ranveer Singh’s rowdy cop avatar.

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Got to hand it to Rohit Shetty. The complete lack of pretention in Simmba is disarming. The director has built his career on films that demand willing suspension not just of disbelief. This one demands more – a jettisoning of discernment. But how much one warms up to the excesses of an incessantly roaring Simmba will depend wholly on the extent of our willingness to lay down our critical faculties and lap up this championing of vigilantism.

The cop action saga narrated by Ajay Devgn, the star of Shetty’s Singham, is about a cavalier police inspector Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba (Ranveer Singh), whose roots lie in Shivgad, Singham’s hometown. But unlike the squeaky-clean older officer, Simmba thinks nothing of resorting to corrupt ways to line his pockets.

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