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Mystic River

January 18th, 2019   |   Updated on February 14th, 2022

The lives of three men who were childhood friends are shattered when one of them has a family tragedy.

In the summer of 1975 in a neighborhood in Boston, 3 kids, Dave Boyle and two of his friends, Jimmy and Sean, are playing on the sidewalk when Dave gets abducted by two men and endures several days of sexual abuse. Eventually, Dave escapes traumatized throughout adulthood. Jimmy is an ex-con and a father of three, whose daughter Katie, is found dead and Dave becomes the number one suspect.

Sean is a homicide detective, investigating Katie’s murder, ends up finding himself faced with past and present demons as more is uncovered about Katie’s murder. Learning Katie had a boyfriend, ballistics later turn up a gun belonging to the father, which then puts her boyfriend as the suspect. Will Sean find out who killed Katie? Will Jimmy make it through the investigation? And will Dave ever find out what really happened when he was abducted?

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Movie Reviews: “Mystic River

Movie Review: Associated Press

“Scary Movie 3” — The first one was original, the second was still funny, but the third installment is on autopilot, even though it’s a guaranteed moneymaking machine. The golden goose formula is to roast a bunch of movies with a plot that makes no sense and skits so politically incorrect it takes your breath away. It helps to like the movies being spoofed: “The Ring,” “Signs,” “8 Mile” and “The Matrix Reloaded.”

Anna Faris is back as a spunky reporter. Anthony Anderson is funny even here as a rapper. Charlie Sheen does the raised eyebrow thing in Mel Gibson’s farmer dad role from “Signs.” PG-13 for pervasive crude and sexual humor, language, comic violence and drug references. 90 min. One and a half stars out of four.

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Movie Review: Newsweek

This is the most impressive cast Eastwood’s ever assembled, and his watchful, unhurried style gives them room to breathe and shine. Penn’s bold, anguished performance is extraordinary, almost operatic in scale. He has a great scene with Robbins at his daughter’s wake, the two haunted men alone on the back porch, with a lifetime of unspoken words flowing between them. Robbins gets deep inside Dave’s fractured, unrepairable psyche, while deftly avoiding making him merely a figure of pity. We’re never quite sure what’s going on inside this man; and neither is his conflicted, jittery wife, played by Harden with the tautness of a rabbit caught in headlights. There are a few missteps.

In the coda, the transformation of Penn’s wife (Laura Linney) into a Lady Macbeth figure seems to come out of nowhere. The gimmick of never revealing the face of Bacon’s estranged wife belongs in a different, cheesier movie. And the somber, organ-toned score, written by Eastwood himself, can be overinsistent in a soap-operatic way. But “Mystic River’s” occasional lapses pale in the face of its bruising force. The act of violation that begins the film sets off a devastating chain of events that no one could foresee or forestall. Under the cover of an urban whodunit, Eastwood has made an authentic American tragedy.

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Movie Review: The Spectator

The story opens in the mid-Seventies with three boys playing street hockey — one of those moments when a handful of small choices will change lives for ever. If the puck hadn’t been whacked down a drain, they’d have gone on with the hockey. If they hadn’t been trying to fish the puck out, they mightn’t have noticed the wet cement on the sidewalk. If they hadn’t decided to inscribe their names in the cement, the dark sedan cruising slowly down the street wouldn’t have stopped.

Two men in the car. One gets out. Cops. He wants to know why they’re damaging municipal property. Where are their moms? Sean and Jimmy live across the road from each other, but Dave lives one block over, and the cop orders him into the car, to make sure he gets back to his mother, tells her what he’s been up to.

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