We Like To Checkout Legs, But We Don’t Want To See Legs

We Like To Checkout Legs-V1

June 15th, 2017   |   Updated on March 1st, 2024

Chalo matlab, showing legs to people and the audience is fine but showing it to your PRIME MINISTER is a CRIME.

When it comes to culture, sabhyata, sanskaar and all other difficult names combined in either religion or the country we belong to, women are still being treated in an awful manner. If women wear suits and all she is most SABHYATA LADKI but if she wears shorts or western dresses areah Ladki theek nahi hai yeh or “Sharam toh hai he ni isme” and what if their son goes around in shorts and boxers” areah usko garmi lagti hai tabhi”. So u mean your son feels the heat and girls doesn’t ? IS THAT SO ?

We Like To Checkout Legs

Then if a girl is raped then the statement is “aise kapde pehenogi toh aisa he hoga” Like Why? Why? Are we still living in such a manner?

Now, among all of this, women doesn’t know what to do and what not to do. What Clothes to wear, how short they need to be and how people will think and what will they say and BLAH BLAH BLAH…..Toh pyari “beheno” we present you a guide to like how to survive up till 2018 so that your ‘SANSKARS’ remains intacted.

1. Wear underwear to work if you want to be equal to men.


How can you sit on such a podium it’s a man’s job, not a women’s job to do. I guess your not an “SANSKARI GIRL


2. PRIYANKA CHOPRA “ko sharma nahi rahi PM kae agae aise beth gyi”.


Don’t you dare show your knees to him. That’s so asabhya!

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3. Don’t show your legs in your wedding dress. It’s so “AShLEEL”


Showing legs in a traditional Tamil bride outfit? Such a disgrace to the community.


4. Don’t you dare give your opinions

And if you do, then circumstances would not be good, not less than “rape threats” at least.

5.Don’t go out and party on NYE.


And if you decide to go and party then its sure shot thing to happen you will be MOLESTED.


6.Don’t wear SHOTS, bas jab ghar mae ho tabhi peheno bahar ashleel lagega.

Well, Deepika don’t wear all this you won’t be seen as “SANSKARI” and then people will keep on pointing to it.


7. MOVIES, yes you are allowed to Wear “WEVE SPENT MONEY ON IT”

Kyun in Movies everything is allowed bloody hell we paid for it, that time no sanskar is taken care of but yes when we come out ‘wo heroine ASHLEEL hai’.


8.During Cricket women cannot wear short clothes and reveal her body at least during WORLD CUP


9.Don’t wear revealing clothes during Ramadan.


Aren’t you fasting?In RAMDAN you are not allowed to pose in bikni or any revealing clothes.dont have any respect for religion?


10.Badminton hai pajama kyu ni pehena?

In badminton you should not wear so small clothes and play it will put bad impression on the children “bacha game ni dekhta yahi sabh dekhta hai”

SO ladkiyon these 10 are the safety manual for you so that it gets easy for you and you can survive at least till 2018.


Now go ahead, you naughty little ASANSKARI ladki , hide your legs, face, arms and your existence too. Well, in an era of girls like Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, Saina Nehwal, Pv Sindhu, Priyanka Chopra, Rupa devi, Bhakti Sharma, Deepika Pallikal, Tania Sachdev, Sania Mirza and a lot more we still have to face such things and such things from people.

Source: scoopwhoop.com