Waitress Divides Opinion When Boss Ordered Waitress To Wear “Bra At Work” And Cover Her “Nipple Piercings”

Wearing A Bra

Published on September 13th, 2017

A waitress has divided opinion after slamming her boss for ordering her to wear a bra at work. Geneviève Loiselle began working at East Side Mario’s in May, but was shocked at the recent “sexist” treatment she claims to have received.

The 22-year-old spoke about the moment she was taken aside by her female boss who told her she would need to wear a bra to cover her nipple piercings. Geneviève, from, Ontorio, America, said: “It’s a violation of my rights as a person to dictate my undergarments.


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She literally was looking right at my breasts and said, ‘Well Gen, I can clearly see that you’re not wearing a bra and that you have nipple piercings’.” The waitress, who describes herself as smaller-chested, claims going without a bra is comfier for her and believed it was every woman’s right to choose to go braless.

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Head office at East Side Mario’s restaurant is now investigating the incident

She added: “Some men even have larger breasts than I do. You would never impose a bra on a male so why would you on a female.” After arguing this point to her manager, she claims she was told: “‘People don’t look at women’s’ bodies the same way they look at men’s’ bodies’.

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Geneviève also claims the manager told her customers and a co-worker had complained about her lack of a bra, reports CBS News. She added: “I’m not prancing my breasts around.

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I understand if I had a see-through shirt, but my shirt’s black and all the way up to my neck.” After the manager allegedly told Geneviève wearing a bra was part of the restaurant’s code of conduct, she complained to head office about the incident.

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The restaurant told CBS News: “We were recently made aware of this situation and are investigating this matter.” Many people reading her story seemed to agree with the restaurant’s manager.

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One reader, John A, wrote: “It violates your values? So your values are more important than all the people and customers that pay for your salary.” Edouard wrote: “Respect your bosses request; it’s more for the customers than the boss.

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Another reader wrote: Last time I checked an employer is entitled to have an employee dress code as a condition of employment. If they require employees to wear a bra, it’s not discrimination.”It’s a condition of employment.
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