9 Website Templates Perfectly Tailored To Your Business

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Published on July 23rd, 2019

Small business owners, medium sized companies and large enterprises all find themselves maintaining a basic common necessity – a website.

Gone are the days when company websites were screen friendly versions of business cards. These days, a business’ website is a one stop shop, fulfilling a wide variety of functions. They provide information, reel in leads, house eCommerce shops, act as message boards, and much more.

But creating beautiful, multi-purpose sites is easier than ever. Wix offers a seemingly endless number of fully customizable templates. These are full pre-built sites, designed specifically to suit the needs of any business, from freelance photographers to massive tech companies.

All that’s left to do is choose the template most suited to your business, personalize to your liking, and you’re ready to launch.

Here are 9 templates covering the entire range of what your business might need:

1. Vintage Car Garage

1 Vintage Car Garage

This template is a perfect starting point for any brick and mortar business. It’s a beautiful long-scroll page (which is all the rage), letting you boast a screen-wide hero image or video, capturing visitors’ attention immediately.

The long-scroll format lets you lead viewers through a story, complete with a photo gallery alongside the information you feel is most crucial to make a sale. Or in this case, book a meeting, using one of Wix’s super-easy scheduling apps, already integrated into the site.

2. Lead Gen Landing Page

2 Lead Gen Landing Page

Landing pages are one-page websites created for a specific purpose and usually containing a single call-to-action (CTA). Businesses use them for marketing campaigns, product launches and more.

The Lead Gen Landing Page template is perfect in its simplicity. It’s optimized to fulfill one single purpose – generating leads. It boasts a large hero image and prominent message funneling the viewer to the CTA.

This landing page is designed with an understanding of user behavior, providing additional info as you scroll down, as well as another call-to-action waiting at the end.

With a built-in chat feature and well-placed social media buttons, this template just gets it.

3. Young Moms Forum

3 Young Moms Forum

Not every business is about generating leads. A better model for your business may be two-way communication with your customers, or maybe the entire business is simply hosting lively discussions.

If this sounds like you, the Young Moms Forum template has you covered. This template has a Forum app built-in, so you’re ready to go from the start. It lets you host multiple discussions under different categories, as well as a blog section. This template comes with the necessary social media buttons and integrated Instagram feed no modern forum would feel complete without.

4. Art & Culture Blog

4 Art & Culture Blog

Blogs are an extremely useful tool in providing information in a less formal setting, this makes them great marketing tools.

Though many individuals still maintain successful blogs, they have very much become the domain of companies and corporations. These days blogs are used by any business, from restaurants to engineering companies. As a marketing tool, they allow you to highlight the message you want to put out and can be used efficiently to bring in traffic and generate a buzz.

The Art & Culture Blog template is simple and precise. It provides you with a blog app and two additional pages for “about” and “contact” sections. This template is perfect for a standalone blog, or as part of an enterprise’s web of web presence.

5. Cap Hats

Cap Hats

It’s impossible to talk about businesses’ web presence without bringing up online shops. eCommerce is a huge market every retailer must tap into to stay relevant.

The Cap Hats template provides the bare necessities when it comes to eCommerce, giving you all you need, without being overbearing with options. Wix Online Stores provides the framework for shop management, including payments, inventory and more.

This template is the perfect starting point. The homepage is a long scroll page taking you from your enticing hero image, through a selection of your merchandise, to your integrated Instagram feed. Spiced up with chat and blog features, this template covers all the bases, fitting anything from local boutiques to global retailers.

6. Store Coming Soon

Store Coming Soon

Many times, it’s the prep work that can make or break a burgeoning online store. Many successful launches build on months of ground work. Social media presence, buzz building campaigns and more all play a huge role in how a shop performs in its first days. Part of these efforts, of course, is a curiosity building, yet informative landing page, letting people know exactly when everything is going to go down.

The Store Coming Soon template is designed precisely for this one process – building anticipation for an upcoming online shop. It includes all the necessities – a beautiful page, a clear display of exactly when the store will open, the option to stay informed (which also lets you grow your contact list) and several forms of communications, so no query goes unanswered.

7. Kids App Landing Page

Kids App Landing Page

Mobile apps, and software companies in general, share a unique playing field. They provide a virtual product, differing their marketing and sales paths from service providers or physical product retailers.

The Kids App Landing Page template fully understands the unique challenges these companies face. The minimal long scroll homepage gives off the necessary modern feel, telling a story through images and icons.

It includes small blocks of text, but relies heavily on a marketing video, testimonials and awards. This template is designed with closing the deal in mind, sprinkling the page with App Store and Google Play buttons.

The necessary support features, in the form of a FAQ platform as well as a built-in chat cover all the bases. The sliding photo gallery in a smartphone frame is just the icing on the cake.

8. Poke Restaurant

Poke Restaurant

Restaurants are ubiquitous. They exist everywhere, including online, and the importance of their web presence should not be underestimated.

Like many local businesses, restaurants have upped their social media presence in the past decade. The Poke Restaurant template plays to this, letting you present a huge hero image as well as Instagram feed right on your homepage.

The real kicker however, are the “menu” and “order online” pages. These provide the groundwork to both beautifully displaying your menu, as well as easily facilitating deliveries.

9. Yoga on Demand

Yoga on Demand

Online videos are kind of a new market. With YouTube millionaires already existing out there, it’s impossible to disregard the needs of video makers. From streaming gamers to online courses, this market is huge, having its own set of guidelines and necessary web functions.

Yoga on Demand is one of many templates catering to these business owners. It starts you off with all the business basics – information, contact form, FAQ and more. But where this template shines is in its use of video players.

The homepage kicks off with a hero video, acting as a trailer. A short scroll down and you find another screen wide introduction video and a sliding video gallery. This template is perfect, not only for online courses, but for any video-oriented business.

These days, it’s really easy to build your own website, but also to create your own web design business. Whether you are a professional web design agency looking to create new websites for your clients, or working as a freelance, Wix Partners Program can help you grow your business. Visit Wix Partners for more information, tools and support.