What A Beautiful Woman Wants: You May Be Interested In Knowing What These 11 Sexiest Women Have To Say About Love, Life, Food, Fashion, Music And Sex

Understanding Women

July 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on May 25th, 2020

You are not the only man struggling to understand women. Either she is not talking to you, or you are not listening to her, that is why you have failed to understand women.

Here are a few tips to under women:

1. Remember, she always wants to feel connected
2. Her sexual needs are different than yours
3. Figure out how you can reduce her workloads
4. She always want you to be confident
5. No woman wants her partner to be mentally weak
6. She and understand her perspectives
7. Understand her by listening
8. She does not like you to be illogical. But never try to be logical always
9. Know what she wants in a man
10. Know how to flirt with her
11. She wants to be cared for

If anything, women should be easier to understand than men . Your life will be happier if you understand her. It helps you to be a better man.

You may be interested in knowing what these 11 sexiest women have to say about love, life, food, fashion, music and sex

My All Sex Fantasies Start In Lingerie: Ava Lange

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  • I feel sexiest in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne.
  • I am attracted to a man who opens the door, pulls out my chair, and knows he should walk on the outside, closest to the street.
  • I like to pair a unique cocktail dress from a boutique store with high-end heels like Jimmy Choo or Tom Ford.
  • I love to cuddle in the bedroom.
  • My all sex fantasies start in lingerie.

My Favorite Thing To Do In The Bedroom Is Foreplay: Antje Utgaard

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  • I let a man know I’m interested by giving a lot of eye contact.
  • My ideal date should end with dessert.
  • His nice teeth and a big, genuine smile turn me own.
  • DaBaby, Drake, Hall & Oates and Tame Impala are my favorite music playlist.
  • Alo Yoga, Revolve, Acne Studios, Chanel are my favorite fashion brands.
  • My favorite thing to do in the bedroom is foreplay.

In The Bedroom, I Like To Be Told What To Do: Abigail Ratchford

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  • I love guys with a sense of humor.
  • I like when a man commands attention when he enters a room.
  • Kanye, Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Prince, Biggie, Nas, Wu-Tang, Toro y Moi, The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads are my favorite music playlist.
  • My favorite meal is the miso-marinated black cod from Nobu.
  • In the bedroom, I like to be told what to do.
  • A Man Can Catch My attention By Making Me Laugh: Rachel Cook
  • Confidence and passion in the man turn me on.
  • I love Are You Am I and Re/Done jeans
  • A big plate of pad thai and mango sticky rice for dessert is my favorite meal.

A Man Can Catch My Attention My Making Me Laugh : Rachel Cook

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  • My Man Is My Crush All Day, Every Day: Anne De Paula
  • My man is my crush all day, every day.
  • My favorite music playlist: Spotify’s Hip-Hop 2019 playlist
  • Truffle pasta is my favorite meal

I Feel Sexiest When I’m Wearing My Boyfriend’s Shirt: Elena Matei

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  • He should have a great sense of humor to catch my attention.
  • If am interested in him, my face turns bright red like a tomato
  • I feel sexiest when I’m wearing my boyfriend’s shirt
  • May favorite fashion brands: Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga
  • My man should never wake me up in the bedroom

Nothing Is More Attractive Than A Humble, Kindhearted Man: Haley Kalil

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  • My favorite meal: Taco Bell
  • My favorite sex fantasy: Eating Taco Bell in my pajamas while watching reruns of South Park.
  • Ryan Reynolds is my biggest celebrity crush
  • I feel the sexiest when I’m surrounded by the people I love.
  • Nothing is more attractive than a humble, kindhearted man with an amazing sense of humor.

Man Should Always Return The Favor After His Girl Goes Down On Him: Emma Powell

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  • Just by being himself and not trying too hard, he can catch my attention.
  • My ideal date: An adventure anywhere, at anytime.
  • I feel sexiest when I am naked and with no makeup on in early morning or dusk light
  • My biggest celebrity crush: Eva Mendes
  • Favorite music playlist: Daniel Caesar, Nina Simone, and old Justin Timberlake
  • Favorite meal: Sushi
  • Favorite thing to do in the bedroom: Laying naked in the sheets and finding the cold spot underneath my pillow
  • What should a man never do in the bedroom: Not return the favor after his girl goes down on him.

Cuddle, Eat, Netflix, Repeat: Manuela Hernandez

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  • I feel sexiest when I wear a bikini, stand in front of the mirror and take a selfie.
  • Biggest celebrity crush: Kendall Jenner
  • I listen to artists like Ozuna, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Maluma, Nicky Jam, Manuel Turizo, Silvestre Dangond and Carlos Vives
  • Favorite fashion brands: Joe’s Jeans, LF, Topshop, Maii-Sarah, House of CB and I Am Gia
  • Favorite meal: bandeja paisa
  • Favorite thing to do in the bedroom: Cuddle, eat, Netflix, repeat.

I’m Happiest When I Am In The Sun: Riley Sawyer

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  • I like a guy who doesn’t feel the need to brag and show off.
  • I feel sexiest when I am happy, and I’m happiest when I am in the sun.
  • My celebrity crush is Noah Centineo.
  • I don’t put up with a man who kicks my dog off of the bed for a spot.

If I Like Someone I’ll Let Them Know: Mariina Keskitalo

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  • Fashion Brands: Isabel Marant, old Celine, Saint Laurent and Jacquemus
  • Favorite thing to do in the bedroom: cuddling and sleeping
  • Favorite Music Playlist: Frank Ocean, Miguel and Bryson Tiller
  • Biggest celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake and Cristiano Ronaldo!
  • I don’t believe in playing games and all that. If I like someone I’ll let them know.


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