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What He Did When Apple Didn’t Replace His iPhone. This Young Man’s Crazy!

Published on October 1st, 2016

Video of an unhappy customer smashing tens of thousands of dollars worth of iPhones and Macs in an Apple Store in Dijon, France, is going viral on the net.

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He removed display products from their stands, placed them flat on the tables and then smashed them with a heavy steel ball used for the popular French game of Boules.

Allegedly upset because the store refused to reimburse him, the Apple customer wearing a protective glove smashed tens of thousands of dollars worth of iPhones and Macs.






He claims Apple refused to honor the EU requirement to provide warranty cover for two years after purchase.


The videos were tweeted by @quentin_IOS.

This video shows him being detained, while store staff line the entrance to prevent the man re-entering the store.

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