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What He Did With His iPhone In An Indian Wedding!! Captivating Shots

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March 4th, 2016   |   Updated on September 16th, 2021

Shooting a wedding on an iPhone can be a challenge, but not for the ace photographer Sephi Bergerson. He captured some amazing wedding shots all on an iPhone 6. In these photos you’ll see rituals and opulence of an Indian wedding. Incredible shots!

“What fascinates me about Indian weddings that it is always different. There is nothing — not a thread or a piece of cloth that is the same. Every wedding has its own rituals,” Bergerson said in an interview.

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Though acknowledging the technical superiority of DSLR,  the award-winning photographer wanted to bust the misplaced perception about iPhones not meant for professionals.

Look at the fabulous couple who let him shoot with his iPhone.

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“The wedding was probably the biggest I have ever photographed, which took place in Udaipur in Rajasthan over three days,” Bergerson says.

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“What I like about the iPhone is it helps me get much closer to the subject and have eye contact. With DSLR, the camera comes between me and the subject.”

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“The iPhone won’t replace the DLSR but it offers a completely new medium of photography. The kind of images that come out are somewhere between documentary or photo journalism and what I would call fine art, closer to paintings,” he says.

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Shooting with a smartphone still has its challenges, especially shooting motion shots on the dance floor. But  he leveraged all the post-production options available directly on the smartphone.

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“There are so many filters and editing options. It gives instant gratification, much like the Polaroids of the 70’s,” Bergerson exclaims.

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Go try out your photography skills with iPhone 6. Share your experience in the comments.

Source :  Mashable,  Lifebuzz

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