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What Neil Armstrong Did As PR Exercise To Become The First Man On The Moon!


April 2nd, 2016   |   Updated on September 17th, 2021

Neil Armstrong, astronaut, military pilot, and educator, made history on July 20, 1969, by becoming the first man to walk on the moon.

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This photo might not have surprised you. Right? But the image which you are now going to see, would certainly be an eye catcher for you.

Neil_Armstrong_Making Pizza
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But what led Neil Armstrong to try his hand at pizza could be more surprising than being chosen as the first person ever to plant boots on the dusty lunar surface. Recently a photo of Armstrong surfaced in Reddit, where he was shown donning a chef’s hat preparing pizza.

Surely, this was before the moon landing. The specific month this photo was taken was March 1969. The moon landing was in July 1969.  It makes perfect sense then. He would be enjoying the best things in life before before putting his own at risk.

Is there a reason why the stereotypical chef hat fluffs out like that? Or is it all for show?

Was This Photo A PR Exercise For The Space Race?

One redditor saw this photo from that angle, which might be true. He says, “.. this is a great example of what happened back during the 1960’s Space Race if you were an astronaut and had LIFE Magazine and the NASA PR people telling you they needed you to show what a great family man you were (and were paying you money for these photo ops too I might add). All of the Project Mercury and Gemini astronauts, and most members of the Apollo crews, were subjected to these sorts of public relations staging photos for propaganda purposes. I can guarantee you that it was not Neil’s wife taking this photo of an “intimate family moment” with Neil in that ridiculous getup he is wearing or anything.

In fact, if you check, you will see that this shot was taken on March 7th, 1969 at the Armstrong home in Houston, Texas, during one of the very few times Neil was able to go home during the runup prior to his Apollo 11 flight. The image was published in the March 14th, 1969 issue of LIFE Magazine (Vol. 66, No. 10 – an issue featuring the run-up to the Apollo 11 landings, showing the Apollo Lunar Module “Eagle” on the cover). It was taken by very famous LIFE photographer Ralph Morse as part of a photo series showing the astronauts at home, and was designed to look very natural and rather “amateurish” in order to portray the family values side of the astronauts to the public at large.”

Who Knows This Photo Could Be Photoshopped!

Let’s Watch The Video To Know More About The Legendary Astronaut:

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