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WOW!! What This Steamy Model Did With Lingerie To Flaunt Her Fabulous Shape!

April 19th, 2016   |   Updated on June 4th, 2019

“Life is too short to spend five months getting your stomach a little flatter. Be brave and be confident … and be yourself,” says Nicola Griffin, 56-year-old model, who made history as the oldest model to appear in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition in an ad for Swimsuits for All.

“Sexiness Shines From The Inside Out.”

Nicola Griffin

“Women in their fifties and sixties are so used to being ignored and pushed aside in the fashion industry … but things are changing now. The industry is no longer just about the slim 18-year-olds anymore, and that’s been wonderful. I feel very honored to be a part of this changing tide in the industry.”

Believe it or not, Griffin had never worn a bikini before appearing in the ads. “I didn’t realize I’d be wearing a bikini, and I was a little anxious — in my entire life, I’ve never been in a bikini,” she tells Refinery29. “I’ve always been more comfortable in full swimsuits that hold everything in. It was very liberating, actually. I’ve got a rounded tummy — I’ve had twins — and I found that to be quite sexy while wearing a gold bikini.”

“Life Is Too Short To Spend Five Months Getting Your Stomach A Little Flatter.”

Nicola Griffin_v3

Now, she has proved that real women are always sexy in a lingerie shoot for SLiNK magazine. Griffin hopes to inspire and encourage other women her age to flaunt their fabulous selves, too. “If they look at a picture of me and think, ‘Well, she’s 56, and her body’s not perfect … If she can do that, I can do that,’ that’s great.”

She also hopes other women will see her recent photoshoots as a call to action. “I think it comes down to confidence, not spending three months or six months to get ‘bikini perfect,’ ” she said.

“Real Beauty Comes From Confidence, Not Size Or Age.”

Nicola Griffin_v4

“I think the reason I felt sexy after doing the lingerie and the swimsuit was not my body, but because I felt more confident. It was all in the mind,” she said. “Once women who aren’t very confident get their head around that, they will feel brave enough to do anything.”

“ I Can Empower Women Of My Age To Be Sexy.”

Nicola Griffin_v2

“… We need the young girls to know that it’s just fine being the size and shape you are.” Griffin — and the millions of women just like her — are living proof that sexiness shines from the inside out. Real beauty comes from confidence, not size or age.

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