PS4 Servers Down: When Are The PS4 Servers Shutting Down

Published on August 25th, 2023

Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN), the online gaming service, encountered a disruption, sparking concerns among gamers that the company might be phasing out support for the PlayStation 4 game console.

In late 2020, Sony introduced the PS5, its latest iteration of the PlayStation console, which quickly gained immense popularity.

The device flew off shelves as retailers grappled with inventory shortages due to overwhelming consumer demand. Despite this, a significant number of gamers continue to utilize the PS4, the earlier version of the console that initially debuted in 2013.

According to data from the service status website DownDetector, there was a notable surge of over 1,000 problem reports related to connecting with the PSN on Thursday afternoon.

This issue stood out as the most commonly reported. The server outage not only disrupted the ability to log into user accounts but also interfered with gameplay. These disruptions led some individuals to speculate whether Sony had finally decided to discontinue the PS4.

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Expressing their concerns, a user took to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to communicate with PlayStation’s support account: “Are y’all really shutting down the PS4 servers? I had been saving up for a PS5, but I might consider switching to Xbox now.”

Is Sony PS4 Servers Down?

When Are The PS4 Servers Shutting Down

There has been no formal declaration from Sony regarding the discontinuation of support for PS4 servers.

In fact, as reported by Axios in October, the company stated last year that it might persist in producing games for the PS4, alongside its plans for PS5-exclusive titles.

Furthermore, Sony has demonstrated ongoing commitment to even older consoles, such as the 2006-launched PS3.

Despite an earlier announcement in 2021 about the closure of the PS3 digital storefront, the company overturned its choice following fan criticism. As of 2023, both the PS3 servers and store are still operational.

Understanding Servers: A Closer Look

According to the tech support website ComputerHope, servers encompass computer programs or hardware designed to receive and address requests from other computers across a network.

In the realm of gaming, a server pertains to a hosting configuration enabling console users to engage in and host multiplayer computer games over the internet.

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Decoding Server Shutdowns: Reasons Behind Company Actions

Businesses might decide to close down servers for games compatible with older-generation consoles as a strategy to streamline their operational expenses.

These shutdowns commonly transpire when user engagement dwindles following the introduction of a newer gaming device.

Since the maintenance and functioning of servers incur substantial costs, their discontinuation can result in cost savings for a company.

Presently, data sourced from indicates that the PS4 retains a substantial user community, estimated at around 92 million users.