Who Should Take Music Lessons? How Does It Help You With Daily Life?


Published on September 20th, 2018

When we say music lessons, you automatically assume we are speaking about children. Well, that does not have to be the case. Music is for all ages.

Children, adults, and seniors can take music lessons for that boost in the quality of their lives. Music and music theory are not about memorizing the chords and learning notes.

In reality, it is much more than reading and memorizing. Music theory opens up a world of new instruments and genres to people.

Neither is it too hard nor is it limiting to those looking forward to making music. Music lessons will help you explore some of the best classical pieces, and it will also help you play new instruments.

Music lessons will help you become better on the guitar, the drums or flute. It will also enable you to express your emotions better through notes and keys.

Have you ever heard a beautiful song and wondered if you would ever be able to write something like that?

Without music theory and proper lessons, you can forget that. We are not trying to scare you, but most of us require expert guidance to become good musicians.

It teaches us about the chords, key signature, intervals, and notes. It will help you when you write music, and it will help you when you are performing or improvising on your guitar or piano.

1. How Do We Learn Music Even When We Grow Older?

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There was a time when people believed that only children had the nimbleness and time to pick up a new musical instrument.

However, modern science has disproved it with several studies on adults and children alike. Adults can take up any musical instrument including the violin, piano, drums, viola, cello, clarinet, and flute.

People of any age can master music. There are hundreds, who pick up a musical instrument after their retirement. Celebrities like Holly Hunter, Tom Cruise, and Adrien Brody have learned to play the piano as adults. Music fills their time, entertains them and engages their intellect.

Adults and children benefit alike from taking up any musical instrument. People believe that picking up something simple first will help them master it quickly and then move onto something more challenging.

However, if you have always wanted to learn cello or violin, don’t let the fear of failure stop you. The human brain has remarkable plasticity that allows people to learn new instruments quite effortlessly.

Several forms of cognitive therapy rely on music for helping patients. Research shows that music has the power to enhance a person’s emotional well-being. Several leading therapists on Long Island use music therapy during their sessions with their clients.

New methods of creative engagement improve self-esteem, quality of life, and thought patterns. People, who get to channel their emotions and energy through a creative output live better and feel better than those who do not get this chance.

Music keeps a person healthy mentally and physically. There is no particular age for embracing better health. Similarly, there is no specific age for learning how to play an instrument.


2. How Does Music Help Children, Adults, And Seniors Alike?

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Musical newbies can be five years old or 50 years old. The music schools on Long Island have individual as well as group classes for the older students.

The groups usually consist of students with the same experience and expertise levels. That helps new students overcome their anxiety and apprehension.

These are universal negative emotions that can take over any adult since they are starting late and they fear falling flat in front of an audience. Right now, learning music has become so much more fun than it used to be.

You can try YouTube videos and smartphone apps during practice sessions at home and download training sessions on your iPad to supplement your daily lessons.

However, remember that these do not replace the actual training sessions. A good teacher is irreplaceable when measured up against state-of-the-art technology.

Senior adults, who do take up learning music in groups, get the chance to socialize and make new friends on Long Island.

Children acquire a new skill that acts as an icebreaker. Adults have the opportunity to wash away the fatigue of a working week with music and it’s beneficial for every human being of every age.

It also opens up a plethora of opportunities for everyone. While adults can join choirs and orchestras, children have the chance to take up music in school and grad school.

If you want something to balance out the stress and emotionally draining nature of your day job, then music lessons are the perfect choice for you.

The last few years have seen an overwhelming number of medical professionals turn to music to counterbalance the trying nature of their profession. It’s a form of meditation that helps you acquire a new skill along with providing you with peace of mind.

Additionally, Long Island is famous for the year-round music festivals that attract an international crowd of musicians and music lovers. Learning the piano will increase your chance to enjoy, and participate in one of the leading festivals.


3. Why Should You Sign Up For Music Lessons Now?

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Are you looking for more reasons to play a musical instrument? According to famous researchers and neurologists, it improves your IQ.

Well, IQ is an umbrella term since music specifically stimulates the language center, logic center, cognitive area, abstract reasoning areas and neuron-motor centers of your brain.

It is not at all surprising that almost all well-known mathematicians and scientists used to play at least one musical instrument during their lifetime?

Did you know that Einstein was a violin player? Many authors and painters were musicians in their private life as well.

They might not be famous for their musical creations, but the mention of the influence of music on their works is prominent in most of their biographies and memoirs.

It should not surprise you when we mention that the King of horror, Stephen King is a rhythm guitar player in a rock band – The Rock Bottom Remainders.

Music is truly awesome. Music is for every person everywhere. While traveling to and from work, eating dinner with your family, on a lonely day watching the rain or driving on Long Island with the breeze in your face and Billy Joel singing on your radio, maybe it’s time for you to give learning music a try.

There is no downside to it. It will bring joy, peace, and meaning to your life, along with some beautiful new melodies.

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