8 Reasons Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

June 16th, 2018   |   Updated on June 20th, 2018

A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is something facility managers will find highly useful. It can be a valuable tool for asset management that facility managers find themselves doing manually often.

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

Here are 7 reasons why getting this software can be a great idea.


1. Higher visibility

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

With one, facility managers will find that they have more control and higher transparency when they are working with a management team on their jobs.

With such a system, it is easy to ascertain an individual’s specific job, due dates and understand easily which jobs have still not been done so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Labor productivity gets a big boost because workers can get on with their jobs while the manager stays on top of it all by tracking and assessing.


2. Automatic schedule maintenance

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

When maintenance becomes automated, it leads to less disruption and less time wasted. Facility managers don’t have to rely on their memory to keep track of maintenance because the system notifies everyone that test reactive maintenance needs to be done.

This happens automatically with reactive maintenance and is a boost to labor productivity again.


3. Portal for guests

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

With a CMMS, when an unregistered guest comes on the portal, he can log in and enter his service request. If the facility manager is not available at the moment, someone else can take the call and assign the job based on the priority.

This is especially helpful during times when a repair is going on and an unimportant call comes through from a guest.

4. Accessible history

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

Without this software, it is impossible for a facility manager to figure out how much work has been done. Each asset will also have its unique set of records including spare parts used, the labor hours that have been spent on it, who worked on what as well as downtime.

This software makes it possible for all this information and more to be easily accessible to all.


5. Quick reports

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

Collecting and collating data is another thing that is made easy with this software. That is why it is easy and fast to get reports done and send to relevant authorities.


6. Tracking costs is easy

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

Tracking costs is another thing that a facility manager will be helped with this software. When all charges like labor and spare parts get logged, finding out the overall cost is easy. It will also help in lowering costs and keeping it under budget.


7. Instant notifications

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

Seeing real-time notifications and alerts is done with ease when there is this software. Alerts can be sent to notify managers that operation has been breached so that fast action can be taken.


8. Keeping purchases in track

Why Facility Managers Should Get CMMS

When a company invests in a CMMS, it also ensures that no duplicated purchases happen, this is because all purchases of spare parts and otherwise are logged on to it and therefore there is no confusion as to what parts are available at any particular moment.