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The Big Cat Came Chillingly Close For Comfort. Alarming Moment !


Published on February 3rd, 2017

While out on an safari, you expect to get a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitat. This once-in-a-lifetime experience offers an up-close look at the beautiful creatures that just can’t be captured in a simple photo, but you probably don’t want to get quite this close to the feisty felines, with razor sharp claws and teeth, roaming the wilderness, much to your shock.

 A curious wild cat got up close and personal with a holidaymaker on safari in kenya when the animal jumped into the back seat of a jeep



At first, the cheetah simply looked at irish tourist Mickey Mccaldin curiously, but then it moved closer as if to curl up on his lap



At one point, the large cat was so close to mickey that it was only about a foot away from his face


Family friend David Horsey captured the tense standoff between the pair, including the moment that the animal lept into the safari jeep


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Making himself comfortable: the cheeky cheetah and his family casually lounged atop the group’s land cruiser jeep



The cheetah’s buddies were perfectly content on top of the SUV.


The incredible pictures were taken by the group tracked a well-known family of cheetahs, whose mother is called malaika.



The group was a bit nervous after learning that the cheetah family hadn’t had a kill for several days and were likely hungry



David explained: ‘I think they were used to the jeep so the mum jumped on top to get a better view’


While at first mickey was quite relaxed, the group quickly became concerned that the cat may decide to snuggle up next to him



Once the cheetah got bored of staring at mickey, it turned away and looked out of the vehicle before ultimately jumping out



Surprise of their lives! The safari group was comprised of a guide, as well as mickey, his wife, sister, photographer david and david’s wife


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