What You Need To Know About Workplace Injury Compensation

Workplace Injury Compensation

May 15th, 2018   |   Updated on April 8th, 2023

Injuries at the workplace mostly end up unreported because of the fear of being fired. But that should never be the case. You should not suffer in silence because all employees in all states and federal employees are covered by federal worker compensation laws and state worker compensation laws and are therefore entitled to compensation in case they are injured on duty.

Sometimes your employer may tell you that the only compensation you are entitled to will be from employers/workers compensation insurance policy. However, there are cases where you can sue for compensation beyond the company’s insurance policy.

1. When can you sue your company?

You could be allowed to sue outside your company if the injury was caused by a defective product. The manufacturer of the defective item can be sued for liability.

If you were harmed by a toxic substance, the manufacturer might also be brought to book in a toxic tort lawsuit. If the employer consciously or unconsciously endangered you, a suit may be launched because of personal responsibility.

When your employer does not have an insurance policy, then you are at liberty to sue and be compensated through litigation in a court of law.

2. Adverse effects of personal injury

Despite compensation, some injuries leave an indelible mark in the victim’s life aspects such as pain and discomfort, loss of a companion or any other punitive measures if the injury was as a result of the negligence of the employer and poor working and operating conditions in the plant.

Legal actions need to be taken against any employer who endangers the lives of his employees. Additionally, in case of disability, getting a personal injury attorney Corpus Christi can help you get compensation including but not limited social security disability insurance.

3. Duties of the employer

In the case of an injury, the employer is supposed to report all accidents and illnesses related to work and also assess and audit the suitability of the workplace.

They shall outline the safety procedures and procure safety equipment for all the workers, including providing sufficient training to the employees.

They are also supposed to contact an inspector from the Ministry of Labor or a representative of the union within 48 hours and give an account of the circumstances leading to, during and after the injury.

4. The personal injury claims

When seeking compensation for a workplace injury, you will lodge a personal injury claim. Get a personal injury attorney Corpus Christi who will let you know that it is not your fault you are injured.

Work related injuries are stressful, but it should not be the cause of alarm going forth. Getting a personal injury attorney as your negotiator will help mitigate the attendant expenses of the injury.

Sometimes a worker’s compensation plan may be drafted if there is no need for punitive measures against anybody.

To sum up, the services of a seasoned personal injury lawyer will be instrumental to you getting that what you rightly deserve. Getting a specialized lawyer will be the first step to guaranteeing that you receive compensation for all the damages.

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