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Answer These 15 Questions On World Cup To Test Your Cricket Knowledge

World Cup Quiz

Published on June 3rd, 2019

The Cricket World Cup is held every four years. How much do you know about this major event? How much do you remember of the past editions of the World Cup? Take this World Cup Quiz and prove that you are a true expert.

1. In Which Year Has Sri Lanka Won The Cricket World Cup?

2. Who Hit The Highest Score At The 1992 World Cup?

3. This Indian Player Was Player Of The Match In Both Semi-Final And Final Matches At World Cup 1983.

4. He Was Named As South Africa's Captain For The 1992 World Cup. With This, He Also Became The First Player To Represent Two Countries In ODI History. Which Was The Other Country He Had Played For?

5. White Balls And Day/night Games Were First Introduced At Which World Cup?

6. This Player Has A Unique Record Of Taking Four Or More Wickets In A Match In Four World Cups.

7. Who Is The First Bowler To Claim A Hat Trick In A World Cup?

8. Sachin Tendulkar Had Scored His Maiden World Cup Century Against This Country.

9. The 1987 Cricket World Cup Was Sponsored By...?

10. Who Was The Sri Lanka's Captain In The 2011 World Cup?

11. He Became The First Player To Take Four Wickets In Four Balls At An An International Level In The 2007 World Cup, Against South Africa.

12. He Has Claimed The Highest Number Of Wickets In The History Of World Cups Which Is Standing At 71.

13. In The 1975 World Cup, Who Was The Captain Of India?

14. Which Was The First Host To Win A World Cup?

15. Who Is The Youngest Captain To Lift A World Cup?