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35 Of The World’s Most Amazing Photographs… #11 Is Downright Chilling


Published on December 7th, 2016

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we live in a fascinating world full of life and in a time where amazing innovative technology is being created every day. It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on in our world but thanks to the Internet, we have the ability to look up and see some of the most fascinating moments caught on photo.

Looking up all these photos on your own, however, can sometimes be tedious so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the most interesting photos below.

1. People coming together to create a picture of Audrey Hepburn.


2. The disturbing reality of what cancer cells really look like up close.


3. Ever wondered what octopus eggs looked like?

4. How birds are weighed by zoologists.


5. A Superman sculpture. Yes, we said sculpture.


6. A multiple exposure shot of various airplanes taking off at the Hannover Airport.


7. An action shot of a honeybee giving someone it’s final sting.


8. A single boat dragging along 145 water skiers.


9. An anchovy in the process of being eaten by a starfish.


10. The end to the Great Wall of China.


11. A group of goats looking for a new place to eat.


12. A watch that stopped exactly at 8:15 – the time that the Hiroshima bombing started in 1945.


13. A scary comparison.


14. A still shot of a seahorse taking a moment to gaze at a diver’s watch.


15. A shot of a tire dump from an aerial perspective.


16. What glass looks like after it’s been melted by fire.


17. Burn scars that were completely covered up by tattoo ink.


18. What was supposed to be 20 minutes of fireworks going all off within 9 seconds.

19. A 360 degree rainbow.


20. A shot of the northern lights from outer space.


21. The intense eyes of Antonio Metruccio after a firefight that lasted 72 hours.


22. A skycycle in Japan, fascinating and scary at the same time.


23. What pugs looked like then compared to now (prior to selective breeding).


24. A 3d printed face.


25. For everyone who thinks pineapples grow on trees.


#26. The world’s first prosthetic tail ever for an alligator created to help it swim.


27. The flames within a log when it’s burning.


28. What a geyser looks like before it explodes.


29. A beautiful temple in Kyoto, Japan that looks like a fairytale come true.


30. A hurricane on Saturn so big that 2 Earths could fit inside it.


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