7 Things You Can Add On Your Vision Board

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July 5th, 2018   |   Updated on July 11th, 2018

Making a vision board sounds easy and exciting until you actually sit down and start doing it. Once you decide that you’re finally ready to stop being lazy and create your vision board, the next thing that comes in mind is what will your board entail.

Although the standard purpose of a vision board is to help you visualize your aims and ambitions and future, what things will actually make it happen for you?

Below, we have listed a few things you can add to your vision board to make it more interesting and prompt you to visit it more often and thus fulfill its actual purpose.

1. Doodles

If you’re one of those people who know how to use pens for more than just writing, you can add a couple of your doodling masterpieces to your vision board. If you search vision board apps on Google you will find SVB.

If you have a physical one in your room, just use thumb pins or a piece of double sided tape and add your favorite pieces to your board. See them as a reminder of your talent and a tracker of your progress.



Pick your favorite quotes from the books you’ve read or your favorite movies, and add them to your vision boards Quotes we like tell a lot about who we are as a person and from time to time, we need a reminder of who we are.

You can find stills from movies on google or even write them yourself on your online board. For a physical one, if, unlike me, you’re good at swerving the pen to engrave pearls on paper, then go ahead and write the quotes on colorful papers and stick them on the board.


3. Lyrics

Who doesn’t love music? Adding the lyrics of your favorite songs that motivate you on the vision board will give you an immediate boost when you see or visit your board. Some vision board apps even allow you to add audio clips to your board.


4. Week Planner

A week planner helps you mark and remember the important things you need to do during the week. You can also use it to mark your short term goals for everyday or furcate your responsibilities in all week.

It’s easy to add on an online board. For a physical one, you can get free templates online or create your own.


5. Goals & Reminders

Writing your goals and seeing them every day helps us act towards them more efficiently. They don’t necessarily have to be long term future goals.

You can have short term goals like ‘get a piercing’ or ‘learn the notes of that song’ or just simple reminders that you need to see or hear to “keep on keeping on.”


6. Poetry

Poetry has its own way of filling you with passion. For those who choose poetry to be drunk on, (referring to Charles Baudelaire’s quote), pieces of your favorite poetry or your own attempts, however amateur, can be a good addition to a vision board.


7. Pictures

Remember the chiche statement: one picture is worth a thousand words? Well, it is not wrong. Pictures are capable of making us travel through time and distance.

You can add your own pictures or snaps that give you inspiration or peace or are just purely for aesthetic pleasure. They’ll make your board visually appealing as well as more engaging.

There are so many things as you can do on your board. Don’t limit yourself to a couple of things. As long as it encourages you to be productive, happy or even feel better about yourself, put it on your board.