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7 Content Marketing Secrets To Increase Organic Traffic

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September 15th, 2020   |   Updated on October 7th, 2021

Content marketing is a nuanced process. Unique content is the prerequisite for driving traffic to the website. However, in the present era of advanced technology, the internet is a repository of numerous competitive sites that deal with the same or similar products.

To gather visitors for one’s website, the content marketer needs to implement appropriate strategies for garnering the virtual audience’s attention.

A few effective content marketing strategies are discussed below:

1. Focus On Keyword Insertion

Keywords are the most important aspect of promotional content; there are many websites present on the internet. Search queries are dependent on keyword presence. However, it doesn’t imply that the stuffing of keywords optimized web content.

Dedicated research has to be conducted to find keywords that suit the brand. Focusing on short keywords is not enough because a lot of revenue is generated from long-tail keywords. To find relevant long phrases and suitable keywords, use the Google keyword planner.

It helps in finding brand-specific keywords that are most searched on the internet. Building content around such words helps in procuring organic traffic.

2. Gain Information From Competitive Sites

Scan the competitor sites for relevant information. The virtual space is highly competitive. To step-up content marketing on the online platform, it is vital to assess the competitor sites’ strategies for engaging online users.

The website format and content projection on opponent websites help modify the website content to suit potential clients’ tastes.

3. Write Relevant Content

Research current trends to find the most searched objects in the present scenario. A business-oriented website needs to take the inclination of the virtual audience into account for designing promotional content.

Write-ups need to be crisp and informative for engaging the audience. Analyze the trends with search engines’ help and then introduce promotional content that corresponds with the current trends.

4. Engage The Audience With Visuals

Original and plagiarism-free content is highly valued, but reading lengthy content is quite time-consuming in the fast-paced world. It is vital to provide visual elements for better comprehensibility to arrest the client’s attention.

5. Focus On Building Meaningful Links

Links play a prime role in the ranking of the website. A higher number of links is suitable for increasing a website’s popularity, but allowing links from potentially dubious websites can harm the business’s reputations.

Check the content of the website thoroughly before creating any kind of link. It is also necessary to ensure that syndicated content links back to the original content on the website.

6. Plan A Schedule

Maintain a strict schedule with deadlines for uploading posts. A record of the performance of the post on the online platform is vital. This record helps in ascertaining user engagement with the content.

The statistical report regarding the performance of a piece of advertising content or any other post can be acquired from search engines. With the help of the performance data succeeding posts can be formatted to gain more viewership.

It is also beneficial to provide information regarding upcoming posts or products on the websites. It helps in kindling the interest of the audience regarding the posts/products. As a result, more people would view the content.

7. Publish Content On Relevant Websites

Being articulate while creating website content helps in gaining organic traffic. It is suitable to write guest posts to augment the website’s scope and its products/services.

Guest posts help in bringing recognition to the author. It also brings virtual users to the author’s website, thereby increasing organic clicks.


Many online tools help in framing suitable content marketing strategies. It is prudent to select appropriate options for enhancing website content. However, while choosing tools to check content never forget the plagiarism detection tool.

There are many tools available online, both the paid and the free plagiarism checker. However, for a small amount, don’t settle for the better. Instead, choose the best. Something that will provide the users with the most accurate plagiarism report.

Also, to write an original writeup, it is always better to avoid using a paraphrasing tool. Instead, paraphrasing using one’s intellect is the best thing in this case.