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A Brief Guide On How To Save Instagram Stories Online

Save Instagram Stories Online

July 2nd, 2021   |   Updated on November 9th, 2021

Instagram Story feature has long since changed direction. Today, it is not just an opportunity to create unique content, but to draw on the audience and tell them only the hottest news on Stories because 24 hours after publication, they will disappear!

Stories are Instagram’s hallmark that today are widely used to boost business and gain a new targeted audience.

Today there are a vast majority of tools for creating colorful and breathtaking Stories, and by the way, Instagram itself provides excellent opportunities for eye-catching Stories creation. And now let’s imagine the situation when you browse an inspiring Story of an influencer or informative Story of your competitor and have an eager desire to download it into your device to watch it in the future without any problems.

The thing is that there is no Instagram Story video download feature on the platform: you may only save your Stories but not the others. But we have something to offer you: the ways to save Instagram Stories online with additional instruments.

By the way, if you desire to read more info about Stories, the Hubspot article details what Stories are and what their possibilities are today.

Tools To Save Instagram Stories Online

1. Story Downloader

This saver is free to use and, of course, doesn’t need installation as it is web-based.

All you need to do to get Stories (and, by the way, browse them anonymously, too) is to open the tool via a browser and paste a username whose Story you wish to upload into your device. Then press a download button and pick out a location for your Story. The whole process lasts no more than a minute, and again it’s free.

2. Weynstag

As with the previous instrument, you are free to use it without spending a dime. It downloads Stories after the username you inserted. There is no need to install the downloader.

So, again, open the tool on your browser, then insert a username without @ icon, pick out a Story to keep it, and press a save button. The Story will be saved into the pc “Download” default folder.

3. Alo Instagram

A web-based tool is designed to save Instagram Stories online without any registration. All you need to do is paste a username and then pick out a Story (if there are more than one) to upload it into your device. Plus, the saver is free to use., Insta Videos Downloader, Save-Insta, Instadp are also alternative versions of tools for uploading Stories. The principle of downloading is the same as in previous cases: insert a username, pick out a Story and then press a button to keep content into a folder on your device.

A Bonus Tool: Screen Recording


If you need to quickly download, for example, a Story of one of the amazing travel accounts for your archive into a phone, you can resort to a not quite up-to-date method (but it still works) — screen capture feature. Okay, your video will not be of the best quality, and everything that happened on the screen during the recording will be displayed, but in the end, a Story will be downloaded into your phone.

Here’s what you need to do to get a Story on your iPhone:

  • Swipe the screen from bottom to top;
  • Find the “circles” at the bottom of Settings but don’t press on it;
  • Go to Insta and reload the Stories feed;
  • Return to the screen recording button and press it;
  • Again go to the Story you desire to save this way and click on it to open in a full screen.
  • After the Story ends, return to the button and click on it to stop recording.
  • Open your gallery to browse the Story here.

To record a screen with Android, you should act in the same way, but a screen recording button is available on Settings (or swipe down twice from the top of your screen).