How To Use A VA Disability Calculator

VA Disability Calculator

Published on January 29th, 2021

VA disability is complicated. It can be incredibly confusing to determine how much your disability payout should be.

There is a wide array of factors that go into determining the amount of your payout. These factors include the obvious decisions on your level of disability and other less obvious factors, including your number of dependents, what type of dependents you have, and whether you are married.

All of these factors are combined to create a modifier for the current federal VA disability wage. Some modifiers cause your payout to increase, and others cause a decrease.

With this many factors impacting your payment amount, it can be daunting to figure it out, even for trained professionals. Because of this difficulty, VA disability calculators have been created.

A VA disability calculator is an easy to use online tool that will determine what your payout should be. It takes all of the modifying factors into account, so it can give an accurate representation of what your actual pay is.

VA Disability Calculations Can Be Strange

Determining your actual payout is problematic because it considers the level of disability when determining payment, but your multiple disabilities do not stack additively.

If you have multiple partial disabilities, the first thing the VA will do is eliminate any disability that is not tied to your service. This could be age or illness-related disability or prior disabilities you had before joining the service.

For a hypothetical, say your prior disability was 30 percent. You had injuries that equal 20 percent in your left leg in the service and 30 percent in your right leg.

First you would remove the thirty percent, leaving you 70 percent able-bodied. The first 20 percent injury is taken off of your remaining percentage, so it is 14 percent.

The additional 30 percent is taken off after that, so it is thirty percent of 56 percent, or 17 percent, making your total disability 39 percent, which is then rounded up to 40 percent. The 30 percent disability you started with is added back in, giving you a total disability of 70 percent.

If that seems complicated, it is. The calculations are too much for most people to accurately determine, which is why disability calculators are so important.

To use a VA disability calculator, you just have to plug in the numbers on the tool.

You will start with your percentage disabled, broken down by all of your separate disabilities. You will then add in your dependents children, adult dependent children, and dependent parents.

After answering whether you are single or married, you are ready to calculate your disability. The tool will tell you how much you should receive as a monthly payout.

There are many intricacies to disability law that can’t be deciphered with a calculator. There are indiscernible factors that may not show by clicking a few boxes.

Because of these intricacies, most people need a disability lawyer. Disability lawyers are familiar with all of the odd quirks in disability law, so they can help you navigate the difficult path to getting your full payment.

Disability lawyers also know how to handle the appeal process when the VA determines that your payout is not what you believe it should be. These appeals can be lengthy, and without the right advocate, you can be waiting years for a final decision.

In summary, a VA disability calculator is a great tool to get you started on filing your disability claim. Paired with a good disability attorney, you will get your maximum possible payout.